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Associate of Science in Business Administration

The Associate of Science in Business Administration curriculum consists of 60-credits (20 courses). In addition to our affordable tuition, our program also allows you to:

  • Transfer up to 45 credits.
  • Gain credit for life experience
  • Courses are available on-campus and online.

Core Business Courses (18 Credits)

BUS 0461 - Principles of Management

This course surveys managerial principles, theory, and functions applicable to a variety of organizational settings and conditions. Specific techniques related to each of the managerial functions will be explored as well as general issues and trends that influence the practice of contemporary management.

BUS 0215 - Principles of Finance Budget

This course is intended to help a broad base of people to become familiar with the basic building blocks of budget and finance. The course is designed to deal with the study of annual business budgeting processes including projections, forecasts, and reconciliation. Income statements, balance sheets, and budget cuts will also be studied.

BUS 0420 - Principles of Marketing

An analysis of the activities and functions performed by manufacturers, service operators, distributors, and retailers to make products and services available to customers. The marketing variables, which consist of product, place, promotion, and price, are discussed in detail, as they apply to for-profit, and/or governmental organizations.

BUS 0481 - Business Law

This course introduces the American legal system with emphasis on legal process, civil dispute resolution, business law, contracts, and government regulation of business and commerce.

BUS 0495 - Ethical Decision Making in Business

This course examines a variety of ethical theories and applies a moral philosophy to a range of business issues such as corporate responsibility, whistle-blowing, equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, employee privacy, conflict of interest, advertising and marketing, product liability, employee safety, and international business.

BUS 0454 - Organization Behavior

This course presents an overview of individual behavior, group behavior, and organizational structures and processes that impact the effectiveness of organizations. The course emphasizes the analysis and application of knowledge to improve performance and organizational effectiveness and to manage organizational change.

Business Electives (6 Credits) 

Choose two lower-division courses.

General Education - 36 credits

In addition to meeting the course requirements and electives listed above, all students must also fulfill 36 credits of General Education requirements. These include courses in writing, humanities, science, and multiculturalism. These courses reflect Rosemont's approach to a liberal arts education.