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Online BA in Applied Psychology

A group of four adults are sitting in a professional-looking setting. They are wearing casual professional clothes. The back of two women's heads are visible, one brunette white woman who is shaking the hand of an African-American man's hand across the small circle of collagues. To her right, a woman of mixed ethnicity with light brown skin and long black hair looks toward the white woman and leans forward smiling at the handshake.

Earn your BA in Applied Psychology in Rosemont's accelerated online program. Designed to meet the needs of adult students, the program prepares you for a full range of careers, or for graduate study in counseling, psychology, or related fields.

Course offerings are both theoretical and applied. We provide you with the opportunity to critically examine historical and contemporary perspectives on how people think, feel, and behave. Acquire knowledge of psychological methods, and apply them to understand human behavior in corporate, professional, family, organization, and community settings.

Learn about these psychology subjects:

  • Theories and research that have shaped the field of psychology
  • Theories and models of multicultural counseling, cultural identity development, cultural diversity, social justice, and advocacy
  • The role culture plays in shaping our thinking and perspectives
  • Major research designs used by psychologists to answer hypotheses
  • How to conduct a psychological literature review, and write using APA style
  • How to integrate and apply therapeutic knowledge in an applied/clinical setting, and everyday life

Structured to Meet the Needs of Busy, Working Professionals

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