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MA-HLS Skills and Outcomes

 The MA in Homeland Security & Emergency Management at Rosemont College is designed so that, upon completion graduates possess the following skillset.

Upon completion of the master’s degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Management students will have the ability to: Apply a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to assume leadership roles in emergency management, homeland security, and/or public policy.

 Balance the relationship between security and personal and societal freedom

 Understand the political, socioeconomic, historical occurrences and various cultural norms impacting marginalized groups.

Utilize intelligence from humans, technology and other networks to gather and analyze data in order to protect security interests while maintaining an approach that safeguards individual freedom and dignity.

Interpret ethical and legal issues that impact homeland security.

Develop specific tools to evaluate, prevent, mitigate and respond to 21st century security challenges that face the United States and other nations.

 Undertake the process of building arrangements needed to strengthen local, state, federal, civil and military organizations.

Complete a capstone project that demonstrates an understanding of the intricacies of protecting both the rights of the individual as well as the welfare of the group.