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Master of Arts in Homeland Security & Emergency Management

 The top of a police car and it's lights are pictured.

Rosemont College’s Homeland Security & Emergency Management Program exposes students to innovation and best practices in the field that aim to protect lives and civil liberties. A focus on social justice is a key element of the curriculum. 

Topics of study include public health issues, cybersecurity, the psychology of terrorism, the role of law enforcement and the military in protecting the general population, and more.

Complete in as Little as One Year

Complete the 36 credit, accelerated and fully online graduate Homeland Security & Emergency Management program in as little as one year as a full-time student (two accelerated courses per seven-week session) or two years as a part-time student (one accelerated course per seven-week session).

  •  The accelerated seven-week Master of Arts degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management at Rosemont College will provide you with the expert skills to be able to analyze, mitigate and manage the complex issues related to all natural and human-made disasters that give rise to emergency situations.
  • If your work covers any aspect of law enforcement, disaster response, criminal justice, public health, cybersecurity, terrorism or the military, then our program is for you.
  • Courses are taught by leading experts in the field.
  • What sets our program apart is the strong foundation of ethics and social justice, or what we like to call “Homeland Security with a conscience.”

Online MA in Homeland Security & Emergency Management Degree

Delivered fully online, the Master of Arts in Homeland Security & Emergency management (MA-HLS&EM) integrates the disciplines of Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, and Emergency Management with a dynamic foundation of Ethics and Social Justice principles to cultivate the next generation of HLS&EM leaders.

The necessary skills for critical analysis, hazard mitigation, incident management, and disaster recovery on local, state, and federal levels have been infused into the curriculum to explore new ideas, refine existing best practices, and innovate the profession with innovative solutions for the protection of lives, civil liberties, and our homeland.

Valuable Partnerships

The Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies is affiliated with the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security University and Agency Partner Initiative:

Global Studies Program

As an adult student, you may strengthen your degree by participating in our Global Studies program. Travel to another country and attend lectures and cultural and historical programs. Global Study topics include current business, leadership, criminal justice, homeland security, and healthcare administration issues.

MA-HLS&EM Skills and Outcomes

Our students excel in critical analysis and decision-making skills, the ability to respond to potentially dangerous situations, navigate complex situations, and succeed at disaster recovery on the local, state, and federal levels. Their ability to communicate as well as understand the ethical and social impact of their actions and decisions routinely sets them apart in the industry.