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Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration (M.Ed)

Students taking part in an activity on Rosemont College's campus.

Campus Community. Diversity & Belonging. Direct Impact on Students’ Lives.

You’ll find all this and more as a student in Rosemont College’s master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration (HESAA). As a fully funded student, you will earn your degree while working directly in student affairs administration on Rosemont’s vibrant and diverse campus in suburban Philadelphia. Or, if you are already working in student affairs at Rosemont or another area institution, part-time enrollment is available. When you graduate, you will have gained the skills and knowledge needed to be a valuable student affairs leader within a higher education campus community with distinct knowledge of, and experience with, supporting marginalized student populations.

Rosemont’s MEd in HESAA program is centered around three areas of focus:

  • Social justice in improving students’ academic and co-curricular journeys
  • Higher education administration skills and tools
  • Essential expertise for the student affairs practitioner

Apply as soon as possible to be considered for a fully funded spot.  Click here to apply now!

Immerse Yourself in a Diverse Campus Community

As a master's candidate for Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration at Rosemont, you will delve into higher education administration topics, including legal matters, finance & budgeting, evaluation & assessment and gain the fundamental skills needed to be a student affairs practitioner on a college campus. 

But the MEd in HESAA program at Rosemont goes beyond ensuring you have the higher education administrative skills you will need. Through its immersive practicums, the program will help you gain the understanding and confidence to create campus communities of belonging.

With its focus on equity and belonging, the program will broaden your worldview and empower you to be a leader who will make meaningful change on college campuses as you support students on their higher education journeys.

Your role will offer the opportunity to have a direct impact on students’ lives as you live and work at Rosemont, an intentionally diverse and vibrant campus community. 

Through this experience, you will become familiar with the complexity related to fostering a college community that understands, respects, and invests in creating an environment where students feel seen, heard, and valued. You will deepen your understanding of multifaceted topics such as cultural pluralism, identity development, systemic bias in higher education, and will learn how to facilitate difficult and emotional conversations about increasingly important topics for students entering the workforce.  

With the higher education administrative skills, understanding of complex social justice topics, and the experience of applying this knowledge in a diverse campus culture, you will graduate the Rosemont MEd in HESAA program as an accomplished Student Affairs professional who is prepared to take the next step in your career. 

Fully Funded for Full-Time Students 

The program provides select full-time students a fully funded master’s degree program, including tuition, room and board, on Rosemont College’s campus. Students will work directly with undergraduate students through student affairs-centered practicum placements, and have the opportunity to rotate across several units of the campus for 15-20 hours a week. This may include: advising, student affairs, residence life, student engagement, diversity & belonging, health & wellness, athletics, and more. You will complete the program with the skills and experience needed to start working in the field immediately.  

Apply as soon as possible to be considered for a fully funded spot.  Click here to apply!

Gain Hands-on Experience in a Natural “Learning Lab”

The MEd in HESAA prepares education professionals to effect meaningful change in college communities through a depth of understanding of the historical, social, and cultural foundations of higher education. As a graduate of this program, you will: 

  • Understand the organization, culture, diversity, and history of higher education institutions.
  • Create diverse environments that foster student learning and development.
  • Gather higher education data, evaluate it, and use it to assess students/program outcomes, and to inform current practice in higher education, with a focus on equity.
  • Integrate ethics and social justice into decision-making, practice, and course projects.
  • Analyze historical and philosophical development trends in higher education and their impact on current practices in the profession, focusing on dismantling systemic bias.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and application of law, policy, planning, and finance to guide professional practice.
  • Identify and apply governance, leadership, organizational, and administrative practices that assist institutions in accomplishing their missions.
  • Present and write effectively, thoughtfully, and with an awareness of the audience.
  • Participate in and reflect meaningfully on learning and professional development activities.
  • Two year program for full-time students. 39-credit hours (11 course, 4 semester practicum). See degree requirements here.
  • Fully on-campus course of study with a diverse and engaged student body providing a natural “learning lab.”
  • Free tuition, room & board is available for up to 18 students, as they work 15-20 hours a week throughout the program, rotating across Rosemont offices.*
  • Rigorous capstone project will demonstrate a student’s ability to develop solutions to a real-world problem, providing experience that can be applied as a graduate enters the field.
  • Emphasis on equity and understanding how to support marginalized populations, preparing students to tackle the most critical issues facing college campuses today.
  • Delivered on Rosemont’s small campus, a short train ride from Center City, Philadelphia, one of the most diverse cities in the US.

*Apply as soon as possible to be considered for a fully funded spot.  Click here to apply.

  • Bachelor’s degree. Must provide official transcripts from previously attended institutions.
  • Resume, which includes demonstrable involvement in student affairs as a student and/or professional.
  • Personal statement: "Knowing what you have learned about Rosemont College, and this program in particular, please talk about how your experience has prepared you for this program, at this time, at this institution."
  • Note: Demonstration of interest in, and experience with, social justice is preferred.
  • Academic Support 
  • Accessibility/Disability Support 
  • Advising 
  • Admissions 
  • Athletics 
  • Career Services 
  • Civic Engagement 
  • Diversity & Belonging 
  • Health & Wellness 
  • International Student Support 
  • Mission & Ministry 
  • Residence Life 
  • Student Activities 
  • Student Leadership 
  • Study Abroad