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Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate certificates.

Accelerate Your Career

Graduate certificates offer many benefits in today's ever-changing economy. A short course of study, graduate certificates are designed to meet the needs of busy working professionals. Focused on a particular industry, these accelerated programs offer the graduate-level training and education you need to get ahead in your career. To learn how to apply to one of the Graduate Certificate programs below, navigate to the admissions requirements page.

Most graduate certificate programs can be completed in a year or less. Many may be taken as part of a Master's program, an extension of a Master's program, or as a stand-alone program. They are either offered online or on Main Campus.

Rosemont also offers education certifications through our Department of Education. These include:

  • PK-12 Principal Certification 
    • Main Campus (8 Courses)
  • PK-12 ESL Certifications
    • Online (6 Courses)
  • PK-12 Reading Specialist 
    • Main Campus (8 Courses)
  • Post-Baccalaureate Pre K-4 Certification


Five Courses

The Business Administration Certificate introduces students to the concepts and problems that are invaluable to your career. Based on real-world experience, our students strive to become new leaders of business, the certificate is deeply rooted in ethics, globalization, accounting, and entrepreneurship. 

If you're looking for a shorter-term program of study, Rosemont's Business Administration Certificate requires only five courses to complete. Drawing from our MBA program, classes provide the opportunity to build on your undergraduate degree and stand out from the fierce competition. 

Program Courses:

  • MBA 6600 - Leadership Fundamentals
  • MBA 6640 - Ethics, Integrity, and Social Responsibility
  • MBA 6700 - Competing in a Global Market
  • MBA 6631 - Managerial Accounting
  • MGT 6735 - Business Plan I: Overview of the Entrepreneurial Adventure

Five Courses

The Certificate in Children’s Publishing is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding about how children read, develop psychologically, and the processes behind publishing trade books for children in K-12. Learn from professionals in the fields of publishing and education, and take advantage of Rosemont College’s special collection of children’s literature that spans a century.

Study children’s picture books, the promotion of all types of children’s books, publishing for children as it relates to libraries and schools, how children develop their identities and minds, and how children read. Create better books for kids and adolescents and market them more effectively. Drawing upon the course offerings in the MA in Publishing program at Rosemont, the following courses are required to complete the Certificate.

Program Courses:

  • GPP 7203: Children’s Picture Book Design and Illustration
  • GPP 7214: Libraries, Schools, and Youth Trade Publishing
  • GPP 7213: Promoting Children’s Books
  • EDU 4510: Identity and Development of the Young Child
  • EDU 4575: Children and Adolescent Literature

Five Courses

If you're interested in starting your own business, Rosemont College Online offers an accelerated Entrepreneurship Certificate. Our program offers course material that not only contributes to your success as a business person and entrepreneur, but also provides the tools you need to develop your business plan.

The five courses in the program explore research case studies, hands-on activities, class discussions, practice and powerful business tools.

Course offerings are specific to graduate-level MBA courses. The graduate certificate in entrepreneurship program is completed within six to nine months on the basis of completing five courses (15 total credit hours), which is offered in a seven-week, accelerated format.

Program Courses:

  • MBA 6700: Competing in a Global Market
  • MBA 6620: Decision Making Methods
  • MBA 6631: Managerial Accounting
  • MGT 6735: Business Plan I: Overview of the Entrepreneurial Adventure
  • MGT 6740: Business Plan II: Marketing and Financial Planning

Five Courses

The graduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology is designed to train professionals to work with people within the criminal and civil justice systems, including civil, criminal and family court system. Courses draw from the Master of Arts in Homeland Security & Emergency Management.

Professionals who will benefit from this program including law enforcement, intelligence analysts, first responders, social workers, corrections officers, probation/ parole agents, mental health workers, nurses, disaster relief workers, CISM Teams members, public health and emergency management personnel.

  • HLS 4133 - The Psychology of Terrorism
  • PSY 6300 - Contemporary Issues in Forensics
  • CNS 6300 - Victimology
  • CNS 6350 - Offender Treatment
  • CNS 6089 - Trauma


  • PSY 6345 - Juvenile Justice: Delinquency and Development

Five Courses

The Healthcare Administration Certificate is designed for healthcare workers who hold non-administrative degrees and for administrative degree holders who have no healthcare experience and wish to seek employment in health care. The Healthcare Administration Certificate program can be completed in six to nine months on the basis of completing five courses (15 total credit hours), offered in a seven-week, accelerated format.

Program Courses:

  • HCA 6001: Healthcare Organization and Administration
  • HCA 6002: Economics of Healthcare and Public Policy
  • HCA 6003: Risk Management and Patient Affairs
  • HCA 6005: Psychosocial Aspects of Health
  • HCA 6006: Long-term Care Administration

Five Courses

The Strategic Leadership Studies equips you with the knowledge, skills, experiences, attitudes, perspectives, and tools necessary to understand the broad-based concepts associated with leadership in a variety of individual, organizational, and community settings in an ever-changing, pluralistic, global society.

Course offerings are specific to graduate level MBA courses. The certificate can be completed within six to nine months on the basis of completing five courses (15 total credit hours), offered in a seven-week, accelerated format.

Program Courses:

  • MSL 6625: Organizational Psychology and Behavior
  • MSL 6670: Leading Change for Innovation and Alignment
  • MSL 6710: Globalization and Cultural Negotiation
  • MSL 6730: Developing a Learning Organization for the Knowledge-Based Economy
  • MSL 6600: Leadership Fundamentals: Ethical Leadership & Values Driven Organizations

Five Courses

The Human Resource Management certificate can be completed within six to nine months on the basis of completing five courses (15 total credit hours), offered in a seven-week, accelerated format.

Program Courses:

  • HRM 6000: Organizational Strategy and Tactical Planning in Human Resources
  • HRM 6010: Strategic Talent Management, Training, and Development
  • HRM 6020: Human Resources Responsibility in Organizational Culture and Change
  • HRM 6030: Legal and Ethical Human Resource Issues
  • HRM 6040: Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management Practice

Five Courses

The Homeland Security and Emergency Management Certificate prepares you to analyze, mitigate and manage the complex issues related to natural and human-made disasters in an accelerated and student-centered environment. Gain  a competitive advantage in developing a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to assume leadership roles in emergency management, homeland security and/or public policy.

The Rosemont College Homeland Security and Emergency Management program is affiliated with the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s University and Agency Partnership Initiative facilitated by the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Higher Education Program. 

The certificate requires 15 credit hours and can be completed within six to nine months in an accelerated seven-week format. It is offered completely online. Students must take HLS 3100 Introduction to Homeland Security, and any other four (4) courses listed below:

  • HLS 3028: Comparative Government for Homeland Security
  • HLS 3210: The Unconventional Threat to Homeland Security
  • HLS 3660: Critical Infrastructure: Vulnerability Analysis and Protection
  • HLS 4133: The Psychology of Terrorism
  • HLS 4156: Intelligence for Homeland Security
  • HLS 4239: Human Rights and Social Justice in the Age of Terrorism
  • HLS 4881: Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Homeland Security
  • HLS 4010: Technology for Homeland Security

Five Courses

It’s been said that as many as 90% of Americans feel that they have book inside them. It’s also been said that as many as 97% of would be authors never finish their manuscript. Whatever the real statistics are, the fact is writing a novel is hard and lonely work. The Rosemont College MFA program is here to offer would-be novelists a proven opportunity to help you finish your novel with our Novel Writing Certificate Program. 

The course sequence is designed to take you from idea to completed manuscript with an opportunity to work one-on-one with a dedicated manuscript mentor. The courses are part of the MFA program, so you will have the benefit of the larger MFA community of writers on whom you can draw support and inspiration.

The required courses run in sequence but can be taken in any order and are for 13 weeks during the traditional semester (15 total credit hours). Most elective courses run on the traditional 13 week schedule, but some are accelerated, like the summer and winter retreats and the six-week summer courses. 

Required Courses:

  • CRW 7435: Novel Craft (Fall) 
  • CRW 7134: Constructing the Novel (Spring) 
  • CRW 7165: Novel Writing Workshop (Fall) 
  • Independent Mentorship (Spring) 

Elective Courses:
Anything from the MFA Program Including: 

  • CRW 7185: Winter Writing Seminar (International Retreat) 
  • CRW 7175: Summer Writing Seminar (Summer Retreat) 
  • CRW 7100 Fiction Workshop 
  • CRW 7444: Content and Form in Fiction

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