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Online MS in Global Cybersecurity

Earn your MS in Global Cybersecurity online at Rosemont College.Be a Cybersecurity Leader 

With cybercrime on the rise, employers in the public and private sectors are in need of well-trained, trusted professionals who will protect their critical information. Rosemont’s online Master of Science in Global Cybersecurity prepares you to be that expert, with advanced knowledge of the technical, operational, and psychological solutions to cybercrime. You’ll develop a strong understanding of where and why breaches originate and how to apply common-sense solutions, both technical and human-centered. 

Our program is built on a foundation of technical expertise, geopolitics, psychology, and sociology, to provide you with a deep understanding that it is impossible to thwart a security breach without seeing the bigger picture surrounding an incident. 

Applying is Straightforward and Free  

Rosemont has been supporting students like you to advance their lives, and those of their families, through education since 1921. We believe a quality education should be affordable and attainable, and our application process reflects this commitment. Applying is easy, and free. And we’ll only need a few supporting documents to make sure Rosemont is the best fit for you. Click here to learn about how to apply and associated requirements

Three Certificates in One Degree 

This program is built as a series of three stackable professional certificates that result ultimately in completion of a master’s degree. 

  • Information Security Essentials: This certificate focuses on the foundations of information security, the geopolitical threat landscape, the psychology and sociology of information security. It provides an overview of how organizations implement security or how security impacts an organization.  
  • Security Operations: This certificate is more technical in nature, centered on identifying vulnerabilities and creating security strategies.  
  • Software Security: This certificate focuses on creating holistic security practitioners, able to assess the security landscape, develop strategies to prevent intrusion, and analyze breaches with an eye toward resolving and deepening protection and detection capabilities. 


Skills and Outcomes 

The MS in Global Cybersecurity prepares graduates to work across an organization to reduce risk to information assets and substantially improve information security. In this program, you will learn to: 

  • Analyze and resolve security issues in networks and computer systems to identify appropriate measures to protect IT infrastructure. 
  • Design, develop, test, and evaluate secure software. 
  • Develop policies and procedures to manage enterprise security risks. 
  • Evaluate and communicate the human role in security systems with an emphasis on ethics, social engineering vulnerabilities and training. 
  • Interpret and forensically investigate security incidents. 
  • Develop and implement security within a Software/Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). 
  • Detect methodologies and combat attackers from intrusion or other suspicious attempts to gain unauthorized access to a system and its resources. 
  • Identify threats, protect data, and respond to attacks that occur over the Internet. 
  • Plan, implement, and audit operating systems’ security in a diverse environment with both traditional, on-premises assets as well as those hosted with service providers. 
  • Provide contingency operations that include administrative planning process for incident response, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning within information security.  

Look Forward to a Successful Career 

Cybersecurity is among the fastest-growing careers worldwide. With employment in the industry expected to increase 33% by 2029—much faster than the average for all occupations—there’s no better time than now to begin or advance your future in this lucrative field. 

Graduates of Rosemont’s MS in Global Cybersecurity program will be prepared for a variety of careers, including: 

  • Chief Information Security Officer 
  • Cybersecurity Director 
  • Cryptographer 
  • Cryptanalyst 
  • Computer Information Systems Manager 
  • Business Process and Security Analyst 
  • Incident Analyst 
  • Security Administrator 
  • Security Engineer  

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