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Forensic Sociology & Criminology


Career paths in the field of forensics continue to branch out to all areas including sociology and criminology. Forensic sociology is the application of theory, research, and practices to the legal, law enforcement, and correctional institutions, and their impact throughout society. The field focuses on micro and macro aspects of social forensics and crime patterns, as well as interventions.

Rosemont’s Master of Science in Forensic Sociology/Criminology, the first MS program in forensic sociology/criminology in the Greater Philadelphia area, is balanced between academics and skills with a cross-cultural global perspective that prepares students for work in an ever-changing organizational environment. Results of surveys we conducted with legal and law enforcement professionals showed how important it is for students to develop a wide range of forensic skills. So we schedule classes and seminars with experts, who hold appropriate credentials and are already operating in fields related to Sociological Practice/Criminal Justice/Criminology/Forensics, to increase the knowledge base of the students within and outside of the classroom and work with our students to create those connections that will help with internship and career opportunities.