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Graduate Success and Thought Leadership

Alumni Spotlight

Elizabeth Becks '20: Psychology of a Pandemic

With a background in child development as well as caring for clients who are experiencing a range of clinical and social circumstances, including those who are survivors of trauma and those who are living with a cancer diagnosis, psychotherapist Elizabeth Becks, MA is well-versed in working with clients who rely on her to help them get through their most challenging days. While that’s never an easy task, she believes the pandemic has heightened expectations placed on counseling professionals. >> Learn how she navigates these challenges. 

Alica Boleware '19: A Mobile Therapist's Stability

Mobile therapist Alica Boleware, MA works with clients ages 3-18 who experience issues with impulse control, focus, anger management, coping skills, anxiety-related symptoms, somatic issues, trauma, grief, and loss. The first-generation college graduate praises mobile therapy for the opportunities it provides to observe the client in their environment – allowing her to gain valuable information and perspective. >> Learn how Boleware shaped her career and what she suggests students consider when choosing a specialty.

Lauren Mosback '10: Alumna Teaches Kids to Be "Super"

Lauren Mosback, MA, LPC, NCC  used the positive coping skills she teaches her young clients as the foundation for her recently published children’s book, My Sister’s Super Skills. A work in progress that developed over years of education, training, and counseling practice, Mosback says her book is the culmination of a message she consistently communicates to her clients. Further, she believes, a strength-based approach that promotes positive psychology and incorporates growth-mindset principles is an effective way to care for today’s children. >> Learn more about how the book aims to boost kids’ emotional and social skills.

CounselNet Podcast

CounselNet Podcast is geared toward alumni of the graduate counseling program of Rosemont College. Hosted by Dr. Patrick Rowley, Academic Unit Leader and Assistant Professor, the program features conversations on topics relevant to the clinical counseling industry and its professionals. Listeners can expect episodes to be released quarterly in 2021.

Episode 1: Tele-Mental Health and the Counseling Practice: Thomas DeGeorge, Assistant Professor of Counseling at Rosemont, and Kruti Quazi, Licensed Professional Counselor, discuss the influence of tele-mental health on the practice of counseling and the client-provider relationship. Listen below.

Listen to "Tele-Mental Health & The Counseling Practice" on Spreaker.

Episode 2: Self-Care for the Counselor: Thomas DeGeorge and Kruti Quazi discuss the dynamic of what self-care for the counselor has become when considering the pandemic and the new challenges faced by today's professionals. Listen below.

Listen to "Self-Care For The Counselor" on Spreaker.