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SEPCHE Honors Conference 2020

Oral Presentations from Rosemont Students

Inscapes to Thorn: A History of Rosemont's Literary Magazine
Isabel Acosta, Samantha DeFrancisco, Amanda Palau, Kaitlyn McDevitt
Faculty Mentor: Katherine Baker MFA

Thorn, formerly known as Inscapes, has remained an integral part of Rosemont College's history, known copies dating back to the 1950's. Our project aims to explore the progression of the magazine,
with topics ranging from the evolution of cover art, content, and timelines, including our findings about the lost editions. In celebration of Rosemont's 100th anniversary. This digitized collection seeks to
remember and embrace our history as a liberal arts college.

The Ethics of Superheroes: International Relations as Depicted in the MCU
Maria Camarota, Deaynna Koskulitz, Dillan Leonard
Faculty Mentor:Adam Lusk PhD

From Iron Man to Captain America, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has explored a number of ethical issues in the world of International Relations. This project seeks to analyze the different ideological perspectives of characters within the MCU and the use of ethical dilemmas that mirror reallife examples. This is specifically shown in the films Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

Paratext and Perception
Ashira Frager
Faculty Mentor: Timothy Jackson PhD 

This presentation is a look at the ways in which race, whether of the author or another involved in the process of making a book, influences paratext which is any material outside of the work itself.
Paratext encompasses introductions, prefaces, glossaries, and other materials meant to modify the text. While this is generally done to the benefit of the reader, a misunderstanding or intentional act by the
author of the paratext changes the way that a reader experiences the text.

Rosemont College at 100: A Unique History
Jami Houser, Shequana Callender, Brianna Coltrane
Faculty Mentor: Michelle Moravec PhD

In the fall of 2021, Rosemont College will celebrate its centennial. Rosemont College at 100 is aunique history, in 100 objects. This presentation analyzes rarely seen items from the college archives to
trace the development of student activities, athletics, and campus culture over the last century.

I Sing Myself: Walt Whitman and Identity
Deaynna Koskulitz
Faculty Mentor: Katherine Baker MFA

As one part of a three part senior thesis, this presentation focuses on the theme of identity found throughout the poetry of Walt Whitman. The concepts of unity, solidarity, and order are essential in how
they relate to Whitman’s notion of identity and will also be explored. Using various examples from both the 1855 and 1891-92 editions of Leaves of Grass, this presentation will address Whitman’s particular
techniques for how he conceptualized “identity.”

The Story of the Anti-War Movement through Protest Music
Alyssa Lira
Faculty Mentor: Katherine Baker MFA

The image of the 1960s in the United States is saturated with music, especially concerning the era of the Vietnam War. By looking at the songs of the anti-war movement, the story of the counterculture
begins to appear. In examining eight of the most important protest songs, the progression of the anti-war movement turned from optimistic three- chord folk to gritty hard rock

The Power of the Book: The Effect The Young Adult Novel Has on Teenagers Today
Kaitlyn McDevitt
Faculty Mentor: Katherine Baker MFA

This presentation will explore the purpose of the young adult novel and the impact these books have on the development of the teenager.

Richard of St. Victor, Modes of Viewing, and Medieval Art
Ellie Mumma
Faculty Mentor:Tina Bizzarro PhD

In order to fully understand the art of the Medieval and Gothic period and to learn to look with the perspective of its creators and contemporary viewers, one must first understand why it was created
and some of the theology behind it. By studying the twelfth-century theologian Richard of St. Victor's writings on vision and viewing, the forms of Gothic art and architecture, such as that seen in the Abbey of
St.-Denis, can begin to be understood.

Daughters in Shakespeare: Thank the Fathers for the Tragedy
Amanda Palau
Faculty Mentor: Katherine Baker MFA

The goal of my thesis is to showcase the various ways in which daughters are the most disadvantaged and abused figures within the plays of Shakespeare. Not often privileged with the guidance of motherly figures, daughters are left to fend for themselves against the brutish and tyrannical will of their fathers. In many cases, these daughters meet a tragic end, and ultimately the reason for their
deaths can be traced back to their fathers."

From Fireside Chat to Facebook: Role of Media Technology in Expansion of Presidential Power
Collette Paris
Faculty Mentor:Adam Lusk PhD

The technological revolution has allowed for media to become a major player in United States politics. Since the invention of the radio, presidents have taken advantage of the power of new media to
expand their influence and grow support for policies. Through looking at the relationship between presidents and the media since the 1920’s, I will attempt to analyze how media has influenced the office
of the presidency and how presidents have used changing technology and media to their advantage.

Assessing the Role of Dityrosine in the UV Protection of Yeast Spores at Varying Wavelengths
Ameer Payton and David Kleiner
Faculty Mentor: Aikaterini Skokotas PhD

The presence of dityrosine in the outermost yeast spore wall may play a protective role against UV radiation. Haploid spores of wild-type and heterozygous dityrosine deficient strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae were exposed to UV light at different time intervals and their ability to survive was examined. This study compares the UV sensitivity at the mutagenic wavelength 254nm and at 302nm which is also within the range of the absorption spectrum for dityrosine.

Edgar Allan Poe's Influence on Latin American Short Stories
Isabella Rice
Faculty Mentor: Tatiana Ripoll-Paez

Horacio Quiroga (1918-1937) was a Uruguayan short-story writer considered the Poe of Latin-America; a justified portrayal. The first point on his “Decalogue of the perfect short-writer”, Quiroga says:
“Believe in the masters-Poe, Maupassant, Kipling, Chekov- as God itself”. Horacio Quiroga was fascinated by the jungle, the human mind, love, madness and death; central themes on his narrative. This presentation will analyze one of Quiroga’s short stories and compare themes and structure to demonstrate Poe’s influence on his writings.

ESG Investing
Gabriel Rizzo
Faculty Mentor:Christine Hagedorn DMgt, MBA

The term "ESG investing" refers to making investments that have sound environmental, social, and governance practices. This presentation will share my research into ESG investing. Topics included are a definition of what it means to invest in ESGs along with why ESGs are important in the international economy. I will assert three reasons to support my claim that ESG investing is more than just the right thing to do.

Assessing SPF Protection of Essential Oils
Denine Semcheski and Melissa Gillis
Faculty Mentor: Aikaterini Skokotas PhD

Ultraviolet light is nonioninzing radiation that damages cells and causes the formation of pyrimidine dimers in the DNA. In humans, exposure to UV light results in skin cancer, premature aging, and cataracts. Since UV light is also lethal to bacteria, Escherichia coli was used as the model organism. In this study, we address the effectiveness of essential oils with varying sun protective factors (SPFs) to protect bacteria from cell death.

Colorimetric Determination of Cadmium(II) and Lead(II) Using Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles
Kelly Shaughnessy, Grieshma Thomas
Faculty Mentor: Xiuni Wu PhD

This research project is focused on colorimetric determination of concentrations of Pb2+ and Cd2+ ions. Pb2+ and Cd2+ are major environmental pollutants, and they can cause damage to brain,
kidney, liver and lung. Our research group is exploring to use functionalized gold nanoparticles to determine the concentrations of Pb2+ and Cd2+. Different experimental variables were studied to
optimize the reactions, including temperature, concentration, pH and functionalizer. The effect of different concentrations of Pb2+ and Cd2+ on synthesized gold nanoparticles was characterized by UVVisible

Mushroom Anemone Hybrids and DNA Barcoding
Rhea Trainson
Faculty Mentor: John Ullrich PhD

Captive marine ecosystems present a unique situation with the potential for interspecies hybrids or crosses to form. Though they are not present in the ocean, these hybrids may be more resilient than
other mushroom anemones when faced with global warming’s effects. We will present the results from DNA barcoding which may discriminate between different species of mushroom anemone parent colonies. The collected DNA information will then be used to identify the taxonomy of a true mushroom anemone hybrid.

"The lovely lady, Christabel": a Princess in her Fairy Tale
Alexa Trott
Faculty Mentor: Timothy Jackson PhD

This presentation seeks to reevaluate Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s unfinished poem Christabel in terms of the classical fairy tale style. Elements of a traditional fairy tale are present: a mysterious setting,
fantasy archetypes, magic, conflict between good and evil, and a lesson to conclude the tale. By comparing Christabel to classical fairy tales, it becomes apparent that the poem may be categorized in this genre previously overlooked as exclusively for children.

Manchester City F.C.: The Marketing Tactics Used to Grow this Club on the World Stage
Zachary Young
Faculty Mentor: Christine Hagedorn, PhD

Stemming from an interest in the theory and tactics behind International Marketing, this presentation will share my research into the marketing tactics used by a successful global soccer club. I
will assert that through partnerships and sponsorships, this club has been able to increase their operating revenue and their fanbase. I will show examples that illustrate how this club has uniquely leveraged partnerships and sponsorships to work in their financial favor.

Visual Arts

The Lion Tamer
Medium: Graphic Design
Kimani Duncan
Faculty Mentor: Margaret Hobson-Baker MFA

My work is an illustrator painting of my best friend from college. It is a art piece I plan to submit into my senior project, and it is suppose to be a representation of the strong black women portrayed in
different fantasy worlds. The whole entire figure was created by eye dropping the color information and recreating it with the blob brush. I plan to also accompany each piece with their own spirit animal to
really highlight the fantasy aspect of the project in a whole.

Medium: Digital
Megan Flynn
Faculty Mentor: Margaret Hobson-Baker MFA

This piece is one of a series of digital illustrations I've been working on for my senior exhibition at Rosemont College. My senior show is exploring giant, mystical animals as roamers in mysterious landscapes and meeting other wanderers. These beasts could be seen as intimidating giants or ancient teachers along one's path, the choice is in the beholder.

A Comprehensive Bestiary of Known Dragos
Medium: Paper and Mixed Medium
Ayla Lahiff
Faculty Mentor: Tina Waldeier Bizzarro PhD

The piece I have created is a crafted 'book' filled with hand-drawn anatomical illustrations of dragons of my own design and typed description pages for each dragon lasting 4-6 pages. Cover is mixed
media and hand-crafted on pre-bought material.

Girl Flu
Medium: Poster
Qadir Muhammad
Faculty Mentor:Margaret Hobson-Baker MFA

This is a poster design for a short film titled "Girl Flu", which is part of a horror anthology titled "Socio". This picture was taken from a still from the graveyard scene in the film. Kenji Butler is the star of
the film and is depicted as a nun.

Medium: Photography
Ke'ahilani Naone-Carter
Faculty Mentor:Margaret Hobson-Baker MFA

This is a piece from my senior show that will be occurring this spring. My theme is equality and will become a reminder that we as human beings are equal completely. People tend to focus on the way a person looks or acts instead. I took this photograph using our art department’s skeleton along with the proper lighting and camera. I then placed it into photoshop and changed the values to created a stronger composition using the posterize filter.

Down the Rabbit Hole
Medium: Animation
Alexander Teti
Faculty Mentor:Margaret Hobson-Baker MFA

The piece is an exploration of basic animation techniques using frame by frame animation rather than character rigging. Using the fantasy Alice in Wonderland as an inspiration and a limited color palette, the animation is intended to convey an unsettling and surreal mood.

Neon Lights
Medium: Mix Media
Kiana Thrower
Faculty Mentor:Margaret Hobson-Baker MFA

My artwork expresses the mystery and excitement of neon lights. My goal was to create a supernatural environment for the viewer to react to.

Medium: Photography
Diana Torres Ramirez
Faculty Mentor:Margaret Hobson-Baker MFA

This image is part of my senior exhibit at Rosemont College. It represents and shows a small portion of my culture, and my home country, Mexico. Everything in the picture has a story behind it, how
will you interpret it?

Medium: Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop
Afa Watson
Faculty Mentor:Margaret Hobson-Baker MFA

This piece is a part of a bigger series of fantasy landscapes that I've been working on. My goal for each is to provide a means of wonder, a sense of impossible landscapes that wouldn't exist in real life. I want my piece to provide a means of escape from the viewer's everyday life and immerse them into the world I've created.