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Honors Program

Picture of a young white man on a college campus quad. It's Fall and he wears a vest over a sweatshirt. He has slightly shaggy, light brown hair and glasses on.

Students in the Honors Program at Rosemont College attend courses that differ from regular course offerings in terms of depth and expectations. These intellectually challenging and stimulating honors courses are small and emphasis discussion, providing a more enhanced encounter with the material. If you are a talented and motivated student, the Honors Program may be an excellent fit.

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Honors students at Rosemont have ample opportunities to attend lectures, museums, musical performances, and other intellectual/artistic events. With a goal of fostering social responsibility and a commitment toward the public good, the Honors Program offers a space to grow as an academic and as a well-rounded person.

At Rosemont, because of our size and the flexibility it provides, our Honors students can define academic paths and career goals that include all their passions. In the First-year Honors Seminar, available exclusively for Honors students, thoughtful discussions and connections are generated through a common curriculum. 

During your first two years as an Honors student, you'll take at first four Honors courses in fields that range from English Composition to Biology, and from Religious Studies to Psychology. You'll receive personal academic advising from the Director of the Honors Program, and also gain access to special Honors housing.