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Two Terms, One Focus

Two Terms, One Focus

Rosemont will divide the Fall semester for the Undergraduate College into two, seven-week terms - a plan known as Two Terms, One Focus.

 “We have a plan in place to begin the Fall semester with in-person classes on campus. However, we realize that the possibility exists that a resurgence of the virus and/or mandates by Governor Wolf may necessitate a return to online course delivery,” said President Boyers.

“Should that be the case, dividing the semester into two terms will allow for a much easier transition and educational experience for our students. I am confident that what we have named Two Terms, One Focus, just one part of the Rosemont 2020 Plan, will ensure a high-quality experience for our Undergraduate College students and our faculty.”

Boyers also announced that instruction will begin as scheduled on August 24th and that in-person instruction will end on November 24th, just before the Thanksgiving Break. Students will complete their final week of courses and exams online.

“By ending in-person instruction the week of Thanksgiving Break and completing instruction and exams online, we are reducing the risk that the coronavirus will be brought back to campus and spread by students who may be exposed while traveling,” said President Boyers.

“Debuting Rosemont 2020 on my second day as the College’s new President is not something I ever imagined doing,” said President Boyers. “I am very impressed with how the College’s faculty and students rose to the challenge of completing their traditional full-time coursework online. Part of their challenge was navigating five or so courses online at a time.

“Two Terms, One Focus will provide a unique opportunity for our students because they will be able to concentrate on fewer courses at a time during two seven-week terms rather than one larger term.

In addition, since faculty will also be teaching fewer courses at a time, they will be able to continue to give the personal attention for which Rosemont is known to our students, regardless of whether we are on campus or online,” he said.