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Academic Modifications

June 2, 2021: For current information about Rosemont College’s plan to keep the campus community safe from COVID-19, please visit here.



For the Spring 2021 semester, the School of Graduate and Professional Studies will continue with virtual instruction. In-person instruction for the Undergraduate College will resume on January 19.

  • All classes of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies will be delivered online for the Spring Semester.
  • All students of the Undergraduate College who have chosen to live on campus will move onto campus as scheduled over the weekend of January 16-17.
  • All classes of the Undergraduate College will begin on January 19th.  All courses will continue to be offered in a hybrid manner, however most courses will meet twice a week, with at least one of those meetings occurring face to face.
  • Most UC classes will continue to be offered in an accelerated, 7 week format. However, all science, math, foreign language, and some philosophy courses will utilize the full 14 week semester in order to ensure students are able to fully retain critical content.

As always, students are encouraged to continue to connect with your faculty and other support networks through Zoom, phone, or face to face. We are eager to see you again after the holiday break.