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Rosemont 2021 Reopening Plan

June 2, 2021: For current information about Rosemont College’s plan to keep the campus community safe from COVID-19, please visit here.


PCR Positivity Rate Dashboard

Under the guidance of Main Line Health, the College has determined that several factors will guide us ongoing for continuing in-person instruction according to the hybrid model of Two Terms, One Focus during the Spring Semester. In determining its threshold for a change to all-remote instruction, the College will factor in the cumulative PCR rate of all in the College community (which will be updated weekly), its capacity for on-campus quarantine (updated weekly), and the occupancy rate of area hospitals. This rationale is based on two recent studies indicating that student participation in in-person instruction is safe.   The CDC recently observed a 6% decline in COVID cases in counties with small colleges.  And, in a study of 70,000 undergraduates this Fall at Indiana University, researchers found that students who attended in-person classes were actually less likely to be infected with COVID-19 than those who studied virtually.  

As of Friday, May 14, 2021:

  • No new COVID-19 cases.
  • 100% of the College’s on-campus quarantine beds are available (50 of 50)

Note: Beginning on March 24, we will begin testing 25% of our Undergraduate College student body on a weekly basis.  We have determined this new protocol in consultation with Main Line Health.  At that time, we’ll change our reporting of PCR positivity rate to a rolling weekly average, instead of a cumulative rate. 

For more information, read President Boyers’ March 8th message on our website.


Included in Rosemont 2020-2021 are provisions to effectively test members of the College community for COVID-19, including daily temperature and symptom checks upon campus entry. In addition, the College has procedures in place for students to safely and comfortably self-isolate if they experience symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, as well as to enhance the cleaning and sanitizing of campus.

Dr. Boyers convened a Taskforce to develop the College’s plan weeks before he began his role as president. He said:

“I’m very grateful for the contributions of each member of the Taskforce, and I am proud that our work together has been focused on one goal: delivering a high-quality Rosemont College experience to each student, no matter what the coronavirus may bring our way. Our plan for reopening has been carefully designed to safeguard the health and safety of every member of our community.”

In addition, Rosemont will divide the Fall and Spring semesters for the Undergraduate College into two, seven-week terms - a plan known as Two Terms, One Focus.  The School of Graduate and Professional Studies will be virtual for the Fall and Spring semesters.

CDC - Get the Facts About Covid-19

Article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, June 3, 2020



On January 14 & 15, Main Line Health conducted COVID-19 testing on campus, so that we can determine our baseline PCR positivity rate for the semester.  If you were tested on campus, you can expect your results in approximately 2 days. Your results will be automatically shared with the College and forwarded to the Office of Human Resources. In addition, you may sign up for Main Line Health’s MyChart online portal to automatically receive your results.