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Rosemont Magazine

Spring 2020 

Dear Alumni and Friends, As I write this letter for Rosemont Magazine, my last to you as President, I must admit to very bittersweet emotions. It has been such a great honor to serve as President of my alma mater, something I never had thought of, or anticipated, but something that has expanded my career, and greatly enhanced my life.

This last year has been incredible: full of reflections on how the College and I have evolved over the past fourteen years, everything going lightning speed, and trying to help smooth the transition to Dr. Boyers, all while managing the coronavirus pandemic on campus at first, and now off campus, as well.

Despite our having to cancel all March through June events — which of course were to be my “last” events as President — I have never felt more engaged, and challenged to lead than I have for the past several weeks as we were mandated to close within the space of one day by the Governor of Pennsylvania.

If at some time earlier in my presidency, I had been asked if we could in an emergency switch all in person classes to be delivered online, I might have said that I’d doubt it. But when we realized that we had to do exactly that, as we knew we had to prepare for an epidemic, I did not hesitate at all.

Not only does the College now have state-of-the-art technologies, and a master Instructional Technologist to run online classes, but we have an incredible “can do” faculty and staff, who would do anything to help out the College and the students.

And as of March 18th, we did it. I want to thank all of you, who have been so loyal and so supportive of the College, over so many years. I must say that I have continued to thank alumni who have supported the College, but I want to note that so many of you over all these years have also supported me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely yours,

Sharon Latchaw Hirsh signature.


President Sharon Latchaw Hirsh, PhD ’70