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Rosemont Magazine

Spring 2021 Issue

Dear Alumni & Friends,

As I write this letter for the Spring issue of Rosemont Magazine, there are only 8 weeks separating us from the College’s Commencement ceremonies. It has been a year that will be long remembered around our world – and most definitely a year that will be remembered on Rosemont’s campus.

The challenges of COVID-19 were many, but our students, faculty, staff, and alumni did not shrink from those difficulties.  Instead, they met them head on and found ways to find the silver lining, and even to find joy.  There is a quote from Cornelia Connelly that I think says this best, “First to bear adversities with endurance—then with willingness—then with joy.”  I am proud to be a part of a community that can do that, and do it so well.

I hope you’ll read the article on page 17 in this issue of Rosemont Magazine that recaps this historic year.  I have no doubt that it will fill you with pride in your alma mater.

Our cover story this issue is another that makes me grateful to be leading Rosemont College.  As you will read on page three, we’ve chronicled the stories of four alumnae of the 1990s who currently have daughters enrolled in the Undergraduate College.  It will be as clear to you, as it was to me, that their loyalty to the College – and their gratitude for the many gifts that their Rosemont education has given them – has inspired a new generation to also love Rosemont College.  It is so exciting to see Rosemont’s spirit so vibrantly alive in these families and on our campus!

There are many other examples of the vibrancy of the College in the pages of the Magazine, and I hope you enjoy them all.  But, if you read nothing else, I hope that you will take a few moments to read the article on page nine about the work that our community is doing around Diversity and Belonging.  This important work is what will transform Rosemont College and make it the community that truly lives our Holy Child values. 

I will close by reiterating what I have shared at almost every one of the more than 70 alumni Zoom gatherings I’ve attended since joining you as President. I believe in the College’s mission and I see tremendous possibility and promise at Rosemont.  I am excited everyday to be in this role.  And despite the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to our campus this past semester, I am confident that Rosemont College has a very successful future awaiting it.

There is no doubt that the College’s bright future will be made possible through the work of our leadership team, as well as our dedicated trustees, talented faculty, and loyal administrators and staff.  But equally important is your support of your alma mater.  

As I did in the Fall issue of Rosemont Magazine, I ask you – in the spirit of Cornelia Connelly’s mandate of “Actions, not words.” – to transform your affection for Rosemont College into action.  

  • Attend a Forum Non-Credit Class on Zoom. 
  • Tell your colleagues about our Graduate or Professional Studies programs. 
  • Encourage a high school student to visit our campus. 
  • Pray for our students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Give a donation that is a stretch for you.  If you’ve never made a gift, make one today. 

Rosemont College’s future will be better because of it.

Peace to you,

Jayson Boyers, EdD