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Rosemont Student Wins Poetry Award

Katie DuBoff - April 24, 2024

It’s National Poetry Month! Congratulations to Rosemont senior Joey Richards, who won the Villanelle Category from the Poetry Center at West Chester University for his poem, Hidden.

Rosemont student Joey Richards"I started writing poetry in high school while I was taking a creative writing class. I am so ecstatic and grateful to receive this award. It is reassuring as someone still trying to get into creative expression and gives me hope that I will be able to build my career successfully. I attended a small cyber/hybrid high school. I started at Rosemont when I was 16 and will graduate in a couple of weeks at age 20. I am in the Honors Program, and an English major on the writing track, with double minor in creative writing and psychology. At Rosemont, I enjoy that I can always walk into a space where I know somebody else. I have really found my footing by getting involved in clubs and activities and being engaged with the community. You can connect with other students and faculty on a personal level. Faculty here are intrinsically driven to help students find their place and provide opportunities for growth. I have learned so much about writing from my professors. They have pushed my base knowledge and helped me grow as a writer."

-Joey Richards, Class of 2024 


I'd find ladybug stickers in my bedroom.
She’d hide them in my drawers, and books, and clothes
I hope I never stop finding them.
She'd put them in my favorite places, after our first kiss,
there was a beautiful new addition on the windowsill.
I’d find ladybug stickers in my bedroom.
"They soak up all the bad luck" she said.
I lay down, and see one in a ridge on my headboard.
I hope I never stop finding them.
"It’s the life of a ladybug," she said
With a smile, after the diagnosis.
I'd find ladybug stickers in my bedroom.
She didn't have much more room for bad luck,
So she hid one hundred more.
I hope I never stop finding them.
I haven't seen her in almost ten years now,
But yesterday I found a little ladybug, outside my windowsill
I'd find ladybug stickers in my bedroom.
I hope I never stop finding them.