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Senior Art Students Find New Way to Showcase Work

Four students are pictured working at Mac computers in a college computer lab. A professor stands behind them and leans forward laughing as she converses with them and provides guidance.

When the pandemic hit during the spring semester as most seniors were completing capstone projects, seniors in the art department were left wondering how they would be able to showcase their work and complete their senior shows.

“When we all found ourselves at home, we first pushed the show dates back to the end of the semester,” said Maggie Hobson-Baker. “As the days continued to pass and the faculty continued to touch base, we realized that we were not going back and needed to figure out a way to showcase student work.”

Associate Professors Michael Willse and Maggie Hobson-Baker collaborated to select ISSUU as the platform to showcase the students’ work. Hobson-Baker built the structure of the website.

The students took their work and created layouts in InDesign or Illustrator to be exported as multipage PDF’s that were then uploaded to ISSUU.

The department then conducted senior critiques via Zoom. The students presented their work, and the faculty provided feedback.

“In reflecting on this process, it was a tremendous amount of time and work to make this shift, but this experience has changed us as a department,” said Hobson-Baker.

“We see the opportunity for growth for ourselves as faculty, our department, and students. Covid-19 forced us to expand our ideas on presenting Senior Work and showed us the possibilities in the digital world.”

The senior shows can be viewed here:

Congratulations, seniors!