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Rosemont Receives $6,000 Swipe Out Hunger Grant to Support Campus Food Pantry

Katie DuBoff - December 21, 2023

Rosemont College has been awarded a $6,000 grant from Swipe Out Hunger to support the campus food pantry initiatives. Rosemont is one of 102 colleges across the county to receive a grant between $3,000 and $7,000.

The funds will allow campuses to fund priority programs specific to each pantry, including but not limited to: expanding food offerings to accommodate students’ dietary and cultural needs, providing funding for student volunteers and staff, acquiring cold storage for perishable and fresh items, investing in new technology for their pantry operations, expanding outreach through pop-up pantries throughout campuses, and delivering groceries and meals to students in need. 

Lauren Platt, Career Counselor, serves as Rosemont’s point person in collaboration with Campus Ministry for the College’s food pantry. 

"Receiving this grant has been one of my happiest moments at Rosemont," said Platt. "Students should not need to choose between buying a meal or putting gas in their cars, but these are real things that people are dealing with, especially for some students who stay on campus over breaks when the dining hall is closed. We want to remove the barriers they face and make it easy for them to access non-perishable foods and personal hygiene products on campus." 

In June, Rosemont was named a PA Hunger-Free Campus. The designation allowed Rosemont to be eligible for funding opportunities, and Platt applied for the Swipe Out Hunger grant through its partner, Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation. 

According to Swipe Out Hunger, one in three college students faces food insecurity. The national nonprofit’s mission is to end college student hunger by working with colleges and universities to design and implement a range of anti-hunger programs across its 600+ campus network, including on-campus solutions, policy and advocacy pathways, and community building practices to address student hunger.  

The funds will enable Rosemont to keep the pantry stocked regularly and hopefully expand offerings to include refrigeration and perishable foods like fresh fruit and vegetables.  

"We know the pantry is used often," said Platt. "We work hard to keep it stocked for those who need access to it on a regular basis. This grant will make a tremendous difference in being able to reach our goal of expanding the pantry’s offerings. We also want to make the items more accessible across campus by adding satellite locations and a hub for refrigerated food."  

Campus studies have shown there is a need for basic resources such as food, clothing, and hygiene products. Rosemont, through its Mission and Ministry Department and Student Sucess and Engagement, started a food and toiletries pantry in 2017 and professional clothes closet program in 2022 to address these fundamental needs of students as well as some faculty and staff. The food pantry is now primarily coordinated by Campus Ministry, Career Services, and the Higher Education and Student Affairs M.Ed. Program (HESAA).  

"We know that if a student is hungry, they have a much harder time concentrating in class, taking an exam, or interviewing for a job," said Platt. "As a campus community, we are committed to helping our students meet their basic needs to help set them up for success."