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Rosemont Places Fifth in National Marketing Competition

Katie DuBoff - April 9, 2021

Rosemont College has placed fifth out of 38 colleges and universities in Direct Effect’s Marketing Madness competition.

During the month of March, college students and faculty across the country were challenged to recruit members of their campus communities to take the Fundamentals of Integrated Direct Marketing course. Participants were tasked with mastering the fundamentals of integrated marketing and industry best practices through a series of videos and quizzes to receive a certificate of completion. 

“We have no way to know who or how many Rosemont students or alumni took the course, but based on the number of points we earned, it was surely several dozen participants,” said Christine Hagedorn, Assistant Professor and Discipline Coordinator of the Business Department. “It is exciting to realize that we were able to share this important information with so many in our community - for free! Anyone who took the Fundamentals of Integrated Direct Marketing course was able to experience the interdisciplinary nature of business projects: The neuroscience of haptics, the creative art and design element, communications theory, and applications of finance and return on investment all came into "play" during our Marketing Madness competition!”

Jami Houser ’22, enjoyed how the course brought students and faculty together.

“I really learned how connected we are to everyone and when you create an opportunity for a community to help out with the college, Rosemont came through for us!” said Jami Houser ‘22. 

Hundreds of students and faculty members from nearly 40 higher education institutions joined to compete, learn, and share ideas about integrated marketing.

“I'm a lifelong learner so, of course, I enjoyed all the content in the course, but the thing that really stuck with me was about the power of interactive direct marketing,” said Michelle Moravec, PhD, Associate Professor, American History/Women & Gender Studies. “History is all about telling stories so I loved the idea of a direct marketing campaign that invites the recipient to learn more through a QR code or social media handle.”

The Direct Effect initiative is a collaborative effort among academia, the printing and mailing industry; and the United States Postal Service. Its mission is to work with educators to prepare marketing students with the integrated direct marketing skills they will need to compete after graduation through the Direct Effect curriculum, experiential Direct Effect Innovation Challenges, the online Direct Effect Micro-Credential, and a variety of other opportunities for educators and students alike.