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Rosemont Hosts Virtual Event with Main Line Chamber of Commerce

Rosemont was scheduled to host an in-person business card exchange event in the Community Center for members of the Main Line Chamber of Commerce on March 12th, the day Governor Wolf announced his first round of business closures in Montgomery County, including colleges and universities.

While the in-person event will be rescheduled when it is safe to hold large gatherings, Rosemont hosted the Chamber for their April 14th Virtual Business Card Exchange. Christyn Moran, Vice President of College Relations welcomed attendees at the start of the event via Zoom. Rosemont business students also had the opportunity to attend. 

“After attending the Virtual Business Card Exchange organized by Rosemont College, I watched how the ‘POWER of small’ could have a positive impact on those around us,” said Brie Muldoon, a rising sophomore Marketing major who has a part-time marketing coordinator job with Regen America – Centers for Regenerative Medicine.

Attendance at the event led Brie to think about ways that Rosemont can deepen its connections with local businesses.

“From a law firm to a non-profit, small businesses described their struggle to pay expenses,” he said. “In light of this, these companies, young and old, were trying not to stand down, but to rise up: offering discounted and free services to those in need. It wasn't that they were mandated to do so, but rather a sincere desire to help, which I ascribed and would like to embody as a student at Rosemont College. With that in mind, I thought, ‘How can Rosemont have an impact?’

This led me to offer an idea for an internship program to Dr. Hagedorn, Assistant Professor and Head of the Business Department, where students could gain crucial internship experience and support local businesses during their education at Rosemont. At Rosemont, we already have required internships. If we can develop special relationships with local Chamber members, and help them, too, during this pandemic, this could be real win-win situation,” he said.

Brie’s idea is a perfect example of how we live our mission,” said Christine Hagedorn, Assistant Professor and Business Department Discipline Coordinator. “Rosemont’s mission says we are ‘guided by the principles of Cornelia Connelly to meet the wants of the age (or the needs of the times) and this, Brie’s idea, is a perfect example of one of our Business students who is walking our talk by suggesting we adapt our existing required internship program to one that works more intentionally and specifically with the local businesses who may be struggling as a result of COVID-19,” she said.

Also in attendance to represent Rosemont were junior Gabe Rizzo, senior Abigail Brooks, Professor Hagedorn, and Travis Marshall, Assistant Dean and Director of the Office of Experiential Opportunities & Post Graduate Success.

“Overall, it was a great experience and I recommend that all the professionals check out their local chamber,” said Brie.