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Rosemont Celebrates 2024 Founders' Day Awards

Katie DuBoff - April 18, 2024

Founders' Week banner

Members of the Rosemont community gathered to honor students, faculty, and staff at the annual Founders' Day awards. Congratulations to all the recipients!

Community Service Awards  

Rosemont Community Spirit Award Individual: Liam Fennell, eLearning Coordinator 

Rosemont Community Spirit Award Group: Admissions Team  

The Community Spirit Awards recognize employees and groups that have consistently made significant contributions to serving the entire College community. Recipients will have reached out beyond the traditional definitions of their role.    

The Class of 1974 Spotlight Award: Tim Jackson, Associate Professor, English 

Established in 2011, the Class of 1974 Spotlight Award is given annually at the College’s Founders’ Day celebration to recognize a staff member, administrator, or faculty member for going above and beyond what is expected when they thought that no one was looking. This employee has been "caught in the act" going to extraordinary lengths to serve the College community in a specific instance.     

Employee Year of Service Awards   

Five Years   

  • Tom DeGeorge, Assistant Professor of Counseling 
  • Katie DuBoff, Director of Communications 
  • Frank Klose, Assistant Professor of Theology & Religious Studies, Discipline Coordinator, Theology & Religious Studies 
  • Brittney Nix-Crawford, Assistant Professor of New Media Communication, Discipline Chair of New Media Communication 
  • Qadiyr Sabur, Public Safety Officer 
  • Ernie Shapiro, Head Coach, Men’s Lacrosse 
  • George Wilson, Assistant Professor, Graduate Counseling  

Fifteen Years   

Carla Spataro, Creative Writing/Publishing/MFA Academic Program Director 

Twenty-Five Years  

Dan Mason, Director of Information Technology 

Student Awards   

Club of the Year: Rosemont Networking Society 

Club Advisor of the Year: Duncan Fischley   

Class Leadership Awards   

  • Class of 2024: Myora Slaughter 
  • Class of 2025: Patrick O’Donnell 
  • Class of 2026: Nazhaya Oglesby 
  • Class of 2027: Sharnice Lowry 

Cornelia Connelly Leadership in Action Award: Miriam Butt 

Outstanding Service Award: Mara Kudla 

Resident Assistant of the Year: Marina Garagozza 

Ambassador of the Year: Maddie Morton 

Outstanding Tutor of the Year: Jordan Lamb  

SASC Academic Associate of the Year: Bella Goodrich 

Patti K. McClatchy Award: Katherine Baysinger 

Dean of Students Awards:   

  • Class of 2024: Joey Richards   
  • Class of 2025: Kylie Laude    
  • Class of 2026: Briana Mohammed 
  • Class of 2027: Maddie Morton 

Ethel C. Levenson Award: Caroline Fuimano   

Residence Hall Banner Contest Winner: Connelly Hall