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Rosemont offers new PK-12 Special Education Certification

The Undergraduate Education Division  at Rosemont College has just obtained the Pennsylvania Department of Education approval for the new Special Education Certification span PK-12. 

Candidates may now obtain two certifications at once by enrolling in the dual program of Elementary Education PK-4 Certification with a PK-12 Special Education Certification Track.  This program addresses the new special education requirements promulgated by PDE. 

The BS in Elementary Education PK-4 with PK-12 Special Education Certification Program provides the student with the ability to teach in pre-school through Grade 4 and in pre-school through Grade 12 special education classrooms.  The successful completion of this program, in addition to meeting all testing and GPA requirements set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, will lead  to acquiring an Instructional I Certification in the PK-4 span and the PK-12 special education span. Read more about the coursework and requirements for this program.

Upon completion of this program and subsequent certification, students will possess two marketable certifications in one.  Candidates will be certified to teach both in the elementary classroom PK-4 and also in the additional area of special education classrooms PK-12.  This program addresses the shortage of teachers and employment opportunities in both of these areas. 

For further information, please contact the Director of Teacher Education, Dr. Denise Falconi at