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Job Hunting During a Pandemic

Young woman with shoulder-length brown hair and a yellow sweater works at her laptop. She has tan skin and wears glasses. She smiles showing her teeth.

Both new graduates and experienced working professionals are feeling on the side effects of the global pandemic on the job market. However, despite the hardships, silver linings have emerged as the job hunting landscape is rapidly transformed.

For those fortunate enough to have the ability to work from home, weathering the changes brought about by COVID-19 may be easier economically. Essential workers are also less likely to lose their jobs and enter the uncertainty that the recession brings.

However, for workers furloughed or laid off, searching for a new position is now of utmost priority. The good news is, some companies are hiring more and not less, as a result of increased demand for their services.

The website Glassdoor has compiled a list of these organizations, and has also implemented a feature that indicates whether an opportunity listing is being offered by a company that is currently in a hiring surge. Included in this list are top companies Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Citi.

The dedicated COVID-19 resource page on Glassdoor includes a list of job titles in high demand. On this compilation, are the titles nurse, respiratory therapist, physician assistant, data entry, customer service, warehouse, communications, security, social worker, translator, project manager, and cashier.

While the healthcare occupations aren't relevant to everyone, others like cashier or customer service agent may point to an abundance of temporary jobs. While not long-term career choices for many, these are helpful as stop gap options for anyone who finds themselves waiting for the market to pick up in all areas.