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Rosemont College Appoints Chief of Staff and Vice President of Diversity and Belonging

Katie DuBoff - September 15, 2020

Yoli Alovor

Rosemont College President Jayson Boyers, EdD announced on September 14 the appointment of the College’s first Chief of Staff and Vice President for Diversity and Belonging. Yoli Alovor, PhD will assume the position on October 1.

In an email message released to the College community earlier today, President Boyers wrote, “A seasoned administrator, Dr. Alovor has experience in leading complex projects and teams in both the higher education and the for-profit sectors. She has the ability to motivate others while creating and implementing practices that champion staff development and diversity. Dr. Alovor shares my enthusiasm for Rosemont, particularly for our mission and our spirit of community. She is excited to build on both to create a more well-run, diverse, and inclusive College that will drive innovation.”

Dr. Alovor earned her PhD in Educational Research in May of 2016 from the University of Missouri at Saint Louis. She joins the Rosemont College community after serving as a Project Manager for the Centene Corporation, a diversified, multi-national healthcare enterprise that has operated government-sponsored healthcare programs for more than 30 years. Prior to her role at Centene, Dr. Alovor led a large scale multi-team research project in coordination with the Dean of the University of Wisconsin School of Business and the Washington University Brain Sciences Research team that studied behavioral concepts such as social belonging theory, proximal learning, concept-building, and multiple intelligence.

Since 2013, she has served as a professor at the University of Missouri at Saint Louis teaching graduate level teacher education and social justice courses dealing with diversity and inclusion.

President Boyers stated in his message to the community that the decision to create the new position of Chief of Staff and Vice President of Diversity and Belonging was informed by the conversations he had with students, faculty, staff, and alumni during his first 100 days in office, and was determined by his own analysis of what changes will drive success at the College.

He also pointed to the important role that Dr. Alovor will play in enhancing College-wide systems and the synergy between the College’s Board of Trustees and the campus community in her capacity as Chief of Staff, and of the critical focus on diversity and inclusion that Dr. Alovor will bring to the College’s hiring practices to better mirror its student body in her capacity as Vice President for Diversity and Belonging.

President Boyers’ message stated that his decision has the full support of the College’s Board of Trustees, and that, “The College’s Board of Trustees elected me as President with the full knowledge and understanding I would build on the efforts of the College’s past Presidents and leadership, but that my work would include changing the ways in which Rosemont operates as an organization, investing in its talent and infrastructure, and enhancing its culture. The Board acknowledged in hiring me that enrollment growth and financial stability depend on these changes.”

When asked what she plans to accomplish at Rosemont College in her new role, Dr. Alovor commented that, “I want to create tangible and measurable outcomes that lead to the implementation of effective diversity trainings and programs. I hope to develop campus events and create systems that ensure that our faculty and staff members have access to resources that emphasize the importance of inclusive diversity efforts. My focus will be to create an environment that conveys a sense of belonging that reaches across the entire campus. While there is an emergence of diversity offices in higher education, I want to ensure that Rosemont’s diversity office is more than a symbolic appeasement. I intend to do so by exhibiting a culture that infuses diversity into our every essence and fosters efforts to conceptualize, define, nurture, and cultivate this belief.”