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Introducing Our Student Commencement Speakers

Katie DuBoff - May 12, 2024

Rosemont College is proud to announce the 2024 student Commencement speakers!

Jamya Johnson '24 

Jamya Johnson, Rosemont student Commencement speaker 2024Jamya Johnson grew up in North Philadelphia and is originally from Lynchburg, Virginia. She will graduate with a major in political science with double minors in pre-law and Africana studies.  

Throughout her undergraduate journey, Jamya served as a Resident Assistant and as an intern for various departments, including political science, Africana studies, and the Office of Diversity and Belonging. Additionally, she dedicated herself to leadership as the President of the Rosemont College Black Student Union for four years.  

The BSU (Black Student Union) actively engages the community in initiatives such as Tea Talks, Fashion Shows, and Jamboree Week, alongside panels and speaker events. Central to its mission is advocating for Students of Color while fostering inclusive and culturally rich environments for all. For instance, the Fashion Show highlights local small businesses, while Jamboree Week immerses the campus in a month-long celebration, culminating in diverse performances, talks, and community engagement activities. Additionally, the BSU hosts engaging events like RnB lip-sync battles, paint nights, and informative sessions covering topics such as financial literacy and HBCU insights. 

After graduation, Jamya aspires to delve into public policy. She will begin a certificate in paralegal studies at Boston University over the summer, with plans to eventually attend law school. 

In offering guidance to fellow graduates, Jamya advises, "Do not diminish your accomplishments; if you achieved it, you own it! Take pride in your accomplishments, for you have earned every bit of success." 

Madden Levin '21 '23 

Madden Levin is from Morton, Pennsylvania, and is a proud graduate of Rosemont College. In the fall of '21, Madden completed a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in Sociology. She was enrolled in the dual-degree program and earned a master's in clinical Mental Health Counseling in the fall of '23. 

Madden Levin, Rosemont student Commencement speaker 2024Throughout Madden's undergraduate years at Rosemont, engagement with the community was key. She served in various roles within student government, progressing from Vice President of the Class of '22 to Vice President of Academics and ultimately taking on the leadership position of Executive Board President. Madden's commitment extended beyond SGA, as she also contributed to the College community as Head Student Ambassador, Activities Council member, Raven Peer Leader, and Student Life Worker, all while maintaining membership in the honors society. 

Transitioning seamlessly into graduate studies, Madden took on the role of Marketing & Event Coordinator as a Graduate Assistant at Rosemont for a year. This experience helped pave the way for her current position as a master's level Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Marketing Coordinator at Higher Ground Behavioral Health in Swarthmore, PA, where she completed her two-semester long graduate counseling internship.


Passionate about advocacy in mental health, Madden is actively seeking new avenues to continue work in the field. Madden's advice to graduates is: "take a moment to reflect on the challenges overcome, draw strength from past triumphs, and embrace the journey ahead with confidence and determination."