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Employee of the Month: April Higgins, Assistant Director of Career Services

Katie DuBoff - March 3, 2022

April Higgins If you are an early riser and get to campus early, you might catch a glimpse of April Higgins in her office in Good Counsel.

“You can often see me coming to campus between 7:00 and 7:30 am,” she said. “It’s not because I need to be here at that time. It’s because I want to be here.” 

Coming from a background in the corporate sector, a career in higher education was not on April’s radar.  

“I had worked for over 20 years in the corporate world at a publishing company and private investor firm when I learned about a job at Rosemont,” she said. “A friend of mine who worked here at Rosemont asked if I would help out in the President’s Office. There I sat on an August summer day in 2005 with President Ann Amore, eating McDonald’s. I will never forget Ann or that day. It was probably one of the best interviews I have ever had! Ann’s passion for Rosemont was addictive. Once again, I found myself on the edge of opportunity and new adventures of self-discovery.” 

After nearly 17 years at the College, April has served Rosemont in numerous ways – on both the administrative and academic sides of the house. She has held the role of assistant to the president, assistant to the academic deans, and was promoted to assistant director of Career Services in February 2021.  

“I am empowered to support our students on their educational and career journeys,” said April. “In addition to the essential professional development responsibilities, I am inspired to motivate our students so they can self-advocate, take risks, identify their personal values and goals, and find organizations that fit their wants and needs.” 

She is also a First Year Connection Seminar (FYCS) instructor and co-Title XI coordinator for the College. Everyone on campus appreciates her positive can-do attitude and how she embodies the Rosemont spirit of community. 

“In all capacities that I serve Rosemont, I love our students! I love connecting them to Rosemont and getting them to feel part of our community. If we are lucky, we get to enjoy their spirits and watch them grow over a few quick years. With each student I encounter, I am astounded by what they have overcome in their lives and where they want to go. Each one is special!”  

April has also seen the College from the point of view as a student. While at Rosemont, April completed her undergraduate degree through Professional Studies, and she earned her master’s degree in counseling last spring.  

“My fabulous instructors in SGPS all helped me realize that I had more of an independent learning style,” she said. “I completed my bachelor's degree and master's degree in Clinical Counseling over a span of 10 years.” 

Her energy for Rosemont has spread throughout her family. Her oldest son graduated from Rosemont with his bachelor’s degree in sociology and is now completing his master’s in clinical counseling, and her husband is also a student.  

“My youngest son who is a junior in high school is weighing his odds, but I think his heart is with Rosemont, too,” she said. 

The Rosemont community congratulations April for being recognized as March’s Employee of the Month for all her contributions to the College. The goal of the Employee of the Month initiative is to recognize faculty and staff who go above and beyond to make Rosemont a better place each day. April has demonstrated time and time again that our community can depend on her.   

“Anyone who knows me best knows that I truly have to contain my enthusiastic nature,” she said. “At Rosemont, I never have to hide that enthusiasm. I hope I can lift others up the way this community lifts me up.” 

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