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Centennial Planning Kicks Off

Katie DuBoff - September 21, 2020

Planning for Rosemont’s 100th year is underway! The first full meeting of the Centennial Committee will be held via Zoom on September 29 for members to brainstorm how to celebrate this milestone year.  

The Centennial Committee is comprised of more than 50 alumni and friends of the College. The group is led by chairpersons Pat Ciarrocchi ’74, former Rosemont Trustee and Cresset Award recipient and Dianne Rotwitt ’98, Rosemont benefactor and former employee of the College. The committee includes alumni from 1952 to 2018, Rosemont’s former Presidents, members of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, former Trustees, current Trustees, faculty/academic program directors, staff, students, and friends of the College.

Three subcommittees have been formed for each of the main components of the Centennial Celebration: Social/Celebration, Education, Service/Spiritual. The subcommittees will continue to meet regularly this fall to begin planning for the Centennial.

The full Committee meetings will take place on Sept 29, 2020, Jan 27, 2021, & April 22, 2021 to finalize plans from each subcommittee and work toward the Centennial Year to be held September 2021 – June 2022.

Incorporated in 1921, the College received its charter in 1922. The same year, the College’s first Mission Statement was introduced. Through the decades, the College has grown from an undergraduate school for women to a coed institution. Adult, graduate, and online programs as well as athletics and numerous student clubs have been added. Read more about Rosemont’s history here: