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Alumni Spotlight: Kenny Wiggins '21

Madden Levin - April 4, 2022

Kenny WigginsKenny Wiggins ’21 came to Rosemont with the hopes of joining the community that he describes as being welcoming. As he started his journey as a Raven, Kenny found himself involved in a multitude of positions that assisted him along the way in becoming an educator. Kenny continues his journey at Rosemont in the pursuit of a master's degree in education with the hope of working in college admissions or residence life. Read more to learn about Kenny’s experience at Rosemont and how he continues to be involved while being a graduate student. 

Q: What made you choose to attend Rosemont College? 

A: I chose to attend Rosemont because of the welcoming community. I also really liked the fact that the class sizes weren’t too big, as well as everything being in close proximity. Rosemont was also within two hours of my home in Maryland. 

Q: What did you study at Rosemont and what was your graduation year? What activities were you involved in outside the classroom? 
A: I studied history and secondary education and graduated in 2021. During my undergraduate years, I was a resident assistant and student ambassador. I also played on the men’s lacrosse and cross-country teams. 

Q: How did your participation in athletics, as well as being an active member of the campus community, enrich your college experience and set you up for your future education and career? What is some advice you’d give current students debating whether they want to get involved in on-campus clubs, organizations, teams, etc.? 

A: Being an active member on campus, as well as participating in athletics, has enriched my college experience and allowed me to get the best out of college because it has given me long-lasting friendships, as well as learning how to be a leader and work together on a team. Some advice that I would give to current students is to give something that you are interested in a try because there are so many opportunities to be an active member of the community. 

Q: You have several classes and professors throughout the course of earning your degree. Which class(es) and professor(s) made the biggest impact on you? 

A: Some of the different professors that had a huge impact on me during my time at Rosemont were Dr. Falconi, Dr. Moravec, and Dr. Leiby. These professors, as well as them being my advisors, have been very helpful in ensuring that I had everything I needed to succeed in my future endeavors.  

Q: Can you describe your career path since graduation?  

A: Since graduating, I decided to stay at Rosemont to work on a Master’s in Education degree. I am currently playing on the men’s lacrosse team, as well as continuing to be a student ambassador for incoming students. 

Q: Overall, how has your education at Rosemont shaped your personal and professional life? 

A: I feel as though Rosemont has shaped my personal and professional life by giving me opportunities to grow as a person both in and outside the classroom.