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Strategic Plan

Rosemont College is poised to launch a new strategic plan that will build on the historic plan of 2008. Five years ago, we faced many issues and challenges that required bold actions and changes to remedy them. Now in 2013, we find ourselves at the end of that plan, having successfully transitioned to a co-educational student body in the Undergraduate College, having received accreditation for and grown our ability to offer online degrees, and having decided that partnerships rather than mergers will best secure our future. With a new Strategic Plan that will direct us through the next five years, Rosemont College will have the necessary blueprint to move to the next level of success.

While not as dramatic as the 2008 Strategic Plan, this new plan will nonetheless be an equally important, historic, and visionary plan for Rosemont. We want nothing less than the total enhancement of learning at the College, accompanied by the co-curricular, spatial, and technological advances that this process requires. By 2018, Rosemont College will be on solid financial footing, with improved facilities, improved learning capabilities, and a secure reputation. At present, the state of the College is good. Our plan for the next five years must focus on how we are going to build on that good foundation, in order to become great.

Goals of the Strategic Plan

  • Intensify our solid base for Mission by more deeply integrating the annual mission theme into academics, student life, athletics, and in every aspect of our college community.
  • Enhance teaching and learning within classrooms and online. Expand the curriculum across all schools by means of a thorough review of current programs and strategic analysis of our market needs.
  • Become a model institution for "Students First" to include centralized, highly effective Career Services and Pre-professional programs for our graduates in all three schools.
  • Elevate the College to a highly desirable environment for faculty and staff as well as a continuing source of enrichment and pride for them and alumni.
  • Expand enrollment and continuously improve retention to enhance student experience, build our financial position and fund innovative programs.
  • Create a comprehensive campus plan to invest in and improve our physical and operational infrastructure.