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Presidential Ponderings

Messages from Jayson Boyers, EdD, President of Rosemont College, to the College Community

Presidential Ponderings is the section of the website that will house messages from me that explore the issues of our time, whatever they may be. I think it very important to connect our lives at Rosemont to the world that surrounds us. It gives our campus lives context and helps us all find meaning. In fact, I think it is a critical part of any educational experience, and helps us all become learners for life, something I know is a key part of Rosemont’s mission. Please know that I’ll always welcome your responses and that I look forward to further dialog with you on any and all issues and subjects.

--Jayson Boyers, EdD

Hope is THE Strategy

Jayson Boyers, EdD - March 01, 2021

I don’t know about you, but I grew up hearing it all the time. “Hope is not a strategy.” I can still hear it echo in my mind as adult after adult with the best of intentions reinforced the idea that I needed more than hope to make something happen.

'For Everything There is a Season'

Jayson Boyers, EdD - January 28, 2021

The grace of life is in letting go, not in holding on. Forgiving reality for what is and stepping into the joy of what could be.

Finding Joy

Jayson Boyers, EdD - December 18, 2020

It is often through the experience of suffering that we find how much we share in this experience of life. It is also where my faith births joy. Not happiness, not elation, not pleasure, but true joy.

Tradition and Meaning

Jayson Boyers, EdD - November 20, 2020

The addition of time for reflection that we’ll all experience this Thanksgiving will not only keep the tradition of the holiday alive, it will ground us in its origins and make the Thanksgivings yet to come that much more meaningful.