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Presidential Ponderings

Messages from Jayson Boyers, EdD, President of Rosemont College, to the College Community

Presidential Ponderings is the section of the website that will house messages from me that explore the issues of our time, whatever they may be. I think it very important to connect our lives at Rosemont to the world that surrounds us. It gives our campus lives context and helps us all find meaning. In fact, I think it is a critical part of any educational experience, and helps us all become learners for life, something I know is a key part of Rosemont’s mission. Please know that I’ll always welcome your responses and that I look forward to further dialog with you on any and all issues and subjects.

--Jayson Boyers, EdD

Home for Christmas

Jayson Boyers, EdD - December 20, 2021

Finals have ended and our campus is quiet as students have returned home for winter break. Coming home for the holidays is a theme that resonates with many of us at this time of year. It often means not only coming home but coming together with loved ones to celebrate the joy of the Christmas season.

If Hope Matters, It Will Matter Most Today

Jayson Boyers, EdD - September 17, 2021

Hope is an interesting idea in our faith tradition and in human history. Most think of hope as waiting for things to get better and believing they will at some point in the future. In some cases, this is an apt description of the role hope plays in our lives. I believe hope is more about today than tomorrow.

We Need Each Other

Jayson Boyers, EdD - May 11, 2021

We need community. We need each other. During the last year, we have been connected but disconnected.

Founders' Day

Jayson Boyers, EdD - April 01, 2021

When I first learned about Founders’ Day, I was rather struck by its meaning. I find myself grounded in its goal that the intention of this day is to honor both the historic and current founders of Rosemont. We know well about the historic founders. Cornelia Connelly founded the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, and the Society then founded Rosemont. We cannot forget our roots, and Founders’ Day is the perfect time to celebrate them.