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Presidential Ponderings

Messages from Jayson Boyers, EdD, President of Rosemont College, to the College Community

Presidential Ponderings is the section of the website that will house messages from me that explore the issues of our time, whatever they may be.  I think it very important to connect our lives at Rosemont to the world that surrounds us. It gives our campus lives context and helps us all find meaning.  In fact, I think it is a critical part of any educational experience, and helps us all become learners for life, something I know is a key part of Rosemont’s mission.   Please know that I’ll always welcome your responses and that I look forward to further dialog with you on any and all issues and subjects.

--Jayson Boyers, EdD


10/25/2020 -  October is upon us, actually almost over, to be accurate.  The trees are showing their colors, and the mornings and evenings begin and end our days with a chill. I have always loved the fall more than other seasons. The smell of leaves, the taste of more hearty foods, and the realization that everything once again changes, falls apart, and creates the soil for new growth.

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We Cannot Insure Success, But We Can Deserve It.

9/18-2020 - I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about new beginnings, and it is no wonder why. I’ve been in a new position three and a half months. Mandy and I have moved to a new home. I have a new commute to work and I’m learning new roads. (Although, I have to be honest, I may never wrap my head around all the Gulph Roads in Lower Merion.)  But, it’s not these things that are behind my focus.  It is the fact that it is September.  A month that, even more than January, always seems to begin the year for me.  My Jewish friends have it right in Rosh Hashanah, I think.


How the Light Gets In

 7/14/2020 - It hasn’t escaped me that Mandy and I arrived in the Philadelphia area on July 1st, just outside the city where the Declaration of Independence was adopted and that is home to the Liberty Bell.  The celebration of Independence Day was different this year, because of the resurgence of the coronavirus and the deep wrestling with the historical and present-day challenges around race and equality manifesting in our country.

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The Events of the Past Week

6/2/2020 - I write to you today, my first official message to you, to share my personal thoughts on what I know has been heavy on the hearts of so many members of the College community - the events of this past week surrounding the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery and the ensuing response around the country.

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