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Messages from Dr. Boyers

A Statement from President Boyers on the Recent Violence in Colorado and Georgia.

3/23/2021 - Like me, I am sure that yesterday’s tragic mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, is very much on your mind and heart today.  In the span of just one short week, our nation has experienced two senseless acts of violence that have taken the lives of many innocent victims.

When we couple these losses with the challenges and loss of the past 365-plus days, it is no wonder we all find ourselves speechless with sadness.

As a College community, these are the moments when we have the opportunity to lift each other up beyond what is tragic and collectively create an atmosphere on our campus that, to the very best of our ability to do so, is free of hatred, fear, and strife.  While we cannot guarantee that acts of violence like those in Atlanta and Boulder could never happen on Rosemont’s campus, we can actively work to prevent them.  That work, of course, includes the comprehensive Emergency Plans that the Office of Public Safety and our Leadership Team have in place, but it is also the work that each of us can do every day to live out our Mission.

Thank you for doing that work, and for joining me in prayer for all those impacted by the recent tragedies in Atlanta and Boulder, as well as all those impacted by gun violence around our country.

Peace to you,

President Boyers

A Statement from President Boyers on Yesterday’s Events on Capitol Hill

1/7/2021 - What occurred yesterday on Capitol Hill was abhorrent.  As I watched the unimaginable images of protesters storming the Capitol Building, the thought that would not leave my mind was this, “This cannot be who we are as a country.” As an educator and the leader of a Catholic, liberal arts College founded by the Sisters of the Holy Child, I cannot leave the sentiment there, for what I know of our Rosemont students affirms that what happened yesterday is not who we are as a country.  In them, I see dialogue valued and the power of listening respected.  In them, violence is not regarded as the way forward.   In them, I see hope. Yesterday’s events have inspired me to commit even more fervently to the values that a Rosemont College education imbues in our students: the development of open and critical minds, the ability to make reasoned moral decisions, the responsibility to serve others, and trust in and reverence for the dignity of each person.  Today, I pledge that, as a College community, we will work to ensure that yesterday’s events never happen again in our great nation.


A Statement on the Death of WalterWallace, Jr.

10/28/2020 - It is with a heavy heart that I write to you to address another tragic death. A state of unrest that our society has faced for years has resurfaced and has created additional tension in a nation already struggling with division. As we work to help one another process the death of Mr. Walter Wallace, Jr. and struggle with how to successfully address the pain that we feel at the frequency of such tragic events, I am certain that we can help ease the pain by being empathetic, supportive, and fully attentive in our actions within our Rosemont community, especially with our student body. Read more

New Provost and Vice President for Finance & Administration Announced

9/24/2020 - Rosemont College’s President Jayson Boyers announced to the College community the appointments of two new senior administrators, Mika Nash, EdD and Marty Mehringer. Effective October 1, Dr. Nash will assume the position of Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, a role that was until today filled by Lisa Dolling, PhD.  Also effective October 1, Mr. Mehringer will take on the role of Vice President for Finance and Administration, a position that until today was filled by Randy Eldridge, DBA.  Read More