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Upcoming Gallery Exhibits

Facing the Atlantic
Through February 19, 2022
Featuring works by Margo Tassi and Tish Ingersoll


A watercolor painting by Margo Tassi

Margo Tassi

In this show, I have focused on the rocks at Cape St. Mary’s beach, Nova Scotia. I found the rocks there exciting, especially a green rock that ran over and underground across the beach. The rocks on the beach tend to be rounded by the work of the water over time. This is true of the boulders as well as the tiny pebbles. It is impossible to paint there and not think about the small window of time our lives occupy in the history of the world. Critic and curator, Miriam Seidel wrote about Tassi”s work: “Her paintings of rock cliffs and outcrops convey the excitement of their complex entanglements, their forms a fractal mix of pattern and chaos. Depending on the light, and her medium (oil or watercolor), Tassi’s rocks may shift from heavy, to glinting and jewel-like. And occasionally, things seem to merge, with sea fading into sky, rocks into sand, or tree branches against sea. Even while maintaining their independence, the brushing together of these elements helps us feel, along with the artist, that fleeting yet real immersion in a place that is the touchstone of her work.”

Tassi is a Philadelphia artist who, since 2001, has spent 4 months a year painting in the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada area. There, her proximity to the Gulf of Maine and numerous lakes allows her to focus on the edges between land and water. She is a member of the Yarmouth Art society and has shown with the Society on a regular basis. Her work can be seen online at www.margotassi,com and cerulean


Cracking by Tish Ingersoll

Tish Ingersoll

My work references landscape with gestural marks and color, as well as grids that suggest space and depth. Through this process of mapping and diagramming I explore and record where and how grids and gestural marks intersect. With each new painting and drawing I probe deeper into the forms and marks. I create work that consolidates, reflects and simplifies my knowledge and consciousness of my own world, yet addresses the universal concerns I have about the environment, politics and struggles of many others.  Patricia Ingersoll

Ingersoll’s paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries, including the Woodmere Art Museum, the Paley Museum, the LG Tripp Gallery, the JMS Gallery, and the Nexus Gallery in Philadelphia; the Allegheny Museum of Art in Pennsylvania; the Ganser Gallery of Millersville University in Pennsylvania; and the State Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; the Art Space Gallery in Richmond, Virginia; and the Ethel Blum Gallery of the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. In New York City, her work has been exhibited at the Krasdale Gallery, the Viridian Gallery, the Prince Street Gallery, and the Phoenix Gallery. Click here to watch a video on Tish Ingersoll, Painting the Power of the Earth.