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Rosemont College Fast Facts

Group of three students outside on a college campus. In the background there are leaves turning yellow because it's fall. One student is a black female student with close-cropped natural hair, a T-shirt that says "Love is Enough", torn black jeans, and a maroon sweater. She stands with one hip cocked behind the two other students. The two students on the wall are turned to face the camera. One is a young black male student with a yellow hoodie and jeans on. The other is a white girl, with long blonde hair. She wears skinny blue jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and has a black backpack on.The POWER of small gives you more opportunities, more connections, and more confidence. With unparalleled access to faculty and firsthand learning opportunities, Rosemont provides a one-of-a-kind educational experience you won't find anywhere else. Check out our Fast Facts to get better acquainted with Rosemont College.


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