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Messages for Our SGPS Graduates

Male graduate with the words : messages to our SGPS Graduates

The Spring semester has brought with it challenges that no college students worldwide have ever faced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Alumni, relatives and friends are helping us to celebrate our graduating SGPS students with personalized messages to share notes of encouragement! A few words to offer support will go a long way!

Messages for the Undergraduate Class of 2020

Congratulations to my wonderful niece, Rakeira Brown on the sacrifices and commitment you have made to successfully obtain your Masters Degree. You are such an inspiration to me, your entire family and many others. I’m excited to witness every success and looking forward to being present for many more. Love your Aunt Stacey

- Stacey Ferguson, Proud Family Member

 Thank you for the teaching that you have done for my mother

- Michael Carey,Proud Family Member                                               

Nishanta Benson, I’m soooo proud of you.  You sent your mind to getting your Masters Degree and achieved it.  Even though there will be no graduation, we will find a way to celebrate and honor you. 

-Alicia Edwards-Gutzman, Friend of a Graduate                              

Congrats mommy you worked so hard for this! I’m a proud daughter...I love you so much ! Again congrats

-Morgan Carey, Proud Family Member                                               

Dear class of 2020,

Congratulations on this life changing accomplishment! May your life be filled with open doors, new relationships, family and love. This is a beautiful and freeing chapter in your lives, ENJOY it :) and have fun.

Olesya Kuchma DrHSC, MBA ‘13

When I was a SGPS student the experience was both challenging and demanding. I can't imagine the extra stress these current times are adding to your graduation semester.

But what I do know is that the learning and personal growth you experienced as a SGPS participant gives you the foundational strength and perseverance to succeed against all odds. Your lifelong learning is a key attribute to positive results.

Your investment in yourself through your Rosemont education will provide you with the skills and attributes needed to overcome these obstacles. The finish line is close. You can do this! We are all pulling for you and proud of your tenacity and commitment. Best Wishes.        

- Ben McGinty Jr ‘00

To the SGPS Graduating Class of 2020

You started Rosemont College on an academic, you're not just about to graduate, you're becoming the master of your own destiny.

I am proud of each and every one of you.  Congratulations! "      

- Cathie Coleman-Dickson ‘00

To all my seniors, I send my heartiest congratulations. Your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. I'm sure this isn't how you envisioned things going, but your powers of adaptability and resiliency will serve you well, now and in the future.

I cannot thank you enough for everything you've done this semester. You've given me a sense of pride that, as a professor, isn't always easy to come by. So thank you. Wishing you all the best of luck!      

- Roseann Corey  ‘16

I remember you coming to me and saying I’m thinking about going for my Masters degree! Should I? You asked. I said absolutely! You can do whatever you put your heart and brilliant mind to you will succeed!

You have a spirit that is unbreakable and when you go for it you supersede expectations. You are an inspiration and the true definition of finish what you start. I admire you! I admire your courage! I admire your fearless attitude! I admire your giving heart and the way you light any room you enter!

I thank God everyday for allowing me to be in your life and you in mine. You are the standard of what true success is! This is just the beginning! I wish you many many more years of success and accomplishments. What a hell of a ride! I Love You ! Your Husband Tony  TNT 4 LIFE

- Tony Benson, Proud Family Member

You're living an incredible part of history right now. Do not let it define you, though. Define yourself every day, and become who you have dreamed to be. Best wishes to the class of 2020!

- Anonymous Alumnus '04


This is your year of accomplishments. You did it, you made your dreams and goals come true. You made it to the finish line and you should be proud. You won the race! Keep going and know that you can do anything you put your mind too. Congratulations and Best wishes!!!!

- Nakia Vance ‘16

Congratulations to the class of now re-enter the world with passion, power and purpose.

- Tammi Hawkes ‘16

Greetings Fellow Ravens,

Let me start by saying Congratulations. You have accomplished so much and you should feel extremely pride. I too stood where you are in 2014 and in 2017. While cannot imagine what you are feeling with the current situation and restrictions we are  going through at this time.

Do not let this societal setback get you down. You are closer to that career, that dream, that goal. IAM very proud of you and your parents and family are overjoyed. Class of 2020 this is your moment, the time to be the trailblazers you are.

Again, congratulations!"             

- Aneesah Evans ‘17


My Tay you are truly a wonderful person. I wish you nothing but love, success, and blessings. Remember that there is a blessing throughout all of this and your time to shine and show everyone who you really are is coming. I love you and will continue to offer my support and love.

Love your Baby Sis

- Ashley, Proud Family Member                            

I couldn’t be more proud of this moment for you! It didn’t come easy but you finished the challenge with ease. All of the long nights and early mornings are finally paying you back with this moment right here and now. I love you through hell and high waters and I’m so so so happy for you. Congratulations!!!

- Amirah Ali, Proud Family Member                                              

Even with this adversity, YOU MADE IT.  Celebrate your moment and know that it is as important now, as it was before this adversity. Do not let the Coronavirus steal your joy.  Think of your brighter future once this is all behind you and let that BIG SMILE shine through each and every day.

Congratulations on your accomplishment and SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE into that BRIGHT FUTURE THAT IS ABOUT TO COME."             

- Alumnus ‘16


Hold your heads high and hang on to hope!  Your entire future lays before you!  You will all do amazingly wonderful things. I wish you all the best as you go forth into your careers!

No one has prepared the world for what we have been dealing with- however know that your commitment and tenacity will carry you towards amazing things.


- Stacy Albert ‘12

Congratulations to Alicia Fife, and to all of the Class of 2020. Don't let nothing stop you now! Be all you can be! 

- Stephanie Simon, Friend of a Graduate

Congratulations and well done Alicia.  I am so happy that you've achieved this great milestone- Wishing you great success with your dreams and career.

- Tanya Moon, Proud Family Member

Erica Lilley - My Rosemont Right Hand. We made it through this journey together. Team work definitely made this dream work.  I am so beyond proud of you. We both have an amazing story to tell, and the adventures ahead of us both is to fulfill our own purpose and potential. 

The fireworks have begun, This degree is the lighted match and we are the fuse.  I could say so much more, but you know what it is - I Love You, Cheers to Us and the rest of the Graduating class of 2020.  We Did It!!"

- Alicia Fife,’20, Friend of a Graduate                    

Alicia. Just want to say  "You Did It".  Great Job :)

You're intelligent, determined, and ready to change the world.

Congratulations on your graduation.

Your coworker

- CB, Coworker of a Graduate

Congratulations to all the graduates from all the schools at Rosemont College, undergrads, graduate and the school of professional studies! Thank you to my peers Andrew O’hear for giving me the information about Rosemont.

Thank you to Jay Kolick for everything, you are making my dream come true. Finally, I want to thank my family, my mother and my in-laws Dave and Marianne. Finally, thank you to my beautiful wife. I could have never done this without you.

- David Potter, ‘20

Big shout to Independence Blue Cross's Alicia Fife for the tireless work she puts into not just her education, but her job and family as well.  And she makes a damn good crumb cake, too.  Ask her about it. 

Friend of a Graduate                                  

Alicia.  Congratulations!  May all paths lead to happiness, and may all your dreams come true.

Happy graduation!"       

Christina Byrd, Friend of a Graduate                                   

Congratulations Alicia Fife!

We are so very proud of you. You have done a fantastic job and has been a great example to us all. Continue reaching for the stars, laugh often, dream daily, but most importantly remember, if you “Think you can, you will; but if you think you can’t you won’t.” Believing in yourself in magical. Close your eyes each day and see your future self. Nowhere to go but up!

- Sharon Sams, Friend of a Graduate                                     


The team is so proud of you. It's been a rough year, but you keep a smile on your face and work hard every day! Way to go!

- Maureen Spellacy, Friend of a Graduate