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Help Our Ravens Soar

Rennie the Raven sauing: Messages to Our SeniorsThis year’s Senior Class, the Class of 2020, is having a far different experience than other Rosemont Classes. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the last semester of their Rosemont experience isn’t what they expected it to be. 

Rosemont Alumni have reached out to encourage our Seniors!   Their messages to our Seniors show how the Rosemont College community is standing behind them and rooting for their success.  

View messages for the 2020 graduates of the School of graduate and Professional Studies

All of the hard work you have put in over the past years cannot be summed up into just one day.  Celebrate each accomplishment, each final paper, each last class, in your own way!  Nothing can be taken away from you.  Pop your own bottle of champagne on May 16th and congratulate yourself!

-- Jennifer South ’16, ‘17

 Hey class of 2020!  Class of 1977 here!  Just got off a Zoom Videoconference happy hour with my 3 roommates from Rosemont. Yeah, 43 years ago.  Three hours of laughter..these women have gotten me through everything in life. Please remember, you have made the best friends you will ever have in life, nothing changes that. 

Nancy Gosllin ‘77

I was a Rosemonster in 1999 when email was brand new on campus, and my first computer cost $3000! Now you are all set to finish your senior year online. At Rosemont, that is certainly not ideal, as it is the people that make the college truly special and unique.

But as a senior you have experienced that over and over again. And it doesn’t end when you receive your diploma. Those people you came to know at Rosemont go with you into this strange new world and you with them. Every class before you is cheering for your success! Be safe, be well, and best wishes!

Marguerite Edgar ‘99

To think this is the end is foolish. This is only the beginning of a greater experience known as life. You just have a unique perspective on it. You have the ability to learn and the ability to soar, so don't ever think less of yourself.

You've beaten the odds. You remained on track to get a degree, that which sets you above everyone else in terms of pay, prestige, and knowledge. It's now up to you to find success with it. God speed.

Anonymous ‘18

Class of 2020...You are certainly unique.  I am sorry that you will miss making those end of senior year memories.  I know at my age I should have words of wisdom that might be meaningful.  But unfortunately, age hasn't brought that kind of wisdom. 

I could suggest that you might be better off missing spending that week at the beach with classmates between the end of exams and graduation.  I overindulged and fried on the beach, graduating  with an incredible sunburn and sun poisoning.  But I doubt any of you would do anything like that.

Seriously, I know you that you made some great memories before your senior year abruptly ended.  You made friendships that you are currently maintaining through texts, Instagram and whatever technology you use that we old folks haven't mastered. 

The abrupt end of your college education and all the angst that comes with it, will probably better prepare you for an uncertain world.  A world that you are more prepared to handle than you yet know.  Good luck, have a wonderful future, and make Rosemont proud.

Rain Tyler ‘71

I hope you will treasure your Rosemont years.  How fast they will seem to have gone by. You will look back on them as times which helped you to be the person you are today.

Congratulations on the work you’ve done , the tough times you’ve overcome, and  your dedication to do your best.

And you’ll be back on this lovely campus in 2021 to celebrate!

Anonymous ‘59

Congratulations on getting through your studies and seeing your hard work pay off! Embrace the feeling of accomplishment-- you've earned it. Know that your Rosemont community stands behind you and while you may not have the typical graduation celebration, we are cheering you on virtually! May the next phase of your life be rewarding and fruitful.
- Lori Widmer ‘03

Youve come a long way from where you started four years ago. While I know this isn’t the way you intended to end your college career I know this will only make you stronger and successful in the future. Wishing you all the best in the last months of your undergraduate experience. Oh and remember were all rooting for you and here for you now and after graduation.

- Courtney Powers ‘00

The friendships you've formed over the past four years will be even stronger having faced this disreputive challenging time together. You'll continue to support each other and your postponed graduation will have even more meaning.

The entire extended family of Rosemont will be cheering for you Your future reunions will grow sweeter every year as you recall your experiences, the memories of your college years and the historic 2020 pandemic The future has many happier things in store for you and with the strong foundation you've developed over the past four years,you've earned them and deserve them. God bless each of you!

Anonymous  '54

Hello 2020 Graduates:

First of all, congratulations on all your accomplishments over these last four years.  Just think...when this is all over (and it will be over soon), you will have ‘bragging rights’ that you and the rest of your graduating class survived the Coronavirus of 2020!  Not every graduate will have this major accomplishment of living through these unprecedented times.

So my simple words of encouragement are stay safe and stay strong and maybe, just maybe, you will be a better person for having to live through it all and being able to reflect back on this time with lots of memories and stories!

So again graduates, congrats on a job well done.

My best,

-Nadine Gockley ‘72

P.S.  If you need someone to reach out to who graduated a long time ago and who recently retired end February this year after a long career, please contact me.  I’m happy to help any way I can.

Dear Class of 2020,

Your Rosemont graduation is the culmination of your hard work and success.  You will never forget the bonds you made while learning and growing as part of the Rosemont community.  Nothing can take that away from you.

We are living through an unprecedented world crisis.  You are now armed with the knowledge and achievements needed to go out in the world and make a difference. Your talent, success and well-deserved credentials have never been needed more. 

You have grown in maturity and knowledge as you met each challenge during your years at Rosemont.  Soon you will be fellow Rosemont Alumni.   I congratulate you, salute you, and welcome you!

- Kathy Trainor ‘70

Dear Class of 2020,

I am so sorry that you have been robbed of the last few months prior to graduation which is usually filled with FUN!.  To be suddenly and unexpectedly separated from those who have become your family is terribly harsh, devastating, and full of sorrow.

While we all looked forward to graduation, it was with mixed emotions because we knew we had to leave one of the most beautiful campuses,(especially this time of year), and our best friends to begin a new REALITY.  Fortunately today it is so much easier to keep connected to each other than it was in my day.

However I am so sorry that you will not experience your own graduation with your family proudly watching you receive your diploma.  I have great faith that you will all return in 2021 for your postponed graduation (or whenever graduation will be rescheduled) and have a blast!!! Cherish your memories . . .  for your college experience defines you for life.  I cried all the way home as I am sure you are doing now.  Best wishes for your futures with better times ahead.

With Sympathy  & Congratulations!

- Pat ‘76

Dear Seniors,

I'm so sorry your senior year has taken this hard turn. You are in my prayers as you take classes online and prepare for finals.  I hope this crisis ends soon and by some miracle you can get back to campus in the near future.

- Louise Dagit ‘61

Dear Class of 2020,

Congratulations! You are all college seniors! You’ve worked hard to get here and despite the worldly circumstances, being a graduating or last semester senior in college is worth being proud of. Your alumni, family and friends all celebrate you in this moment.

We celebrate the hard work you’ve put in to be here and where you will be. We celebrate with you all of the wonderful memories you’ve gathered at Rosemont for four years. We are proud of your commitment and achievement. We are proud of you!

If there is one thing you should remember it is this: the journey will always be more rewarding than the ending. Keep your heads held high!"            

-Carrie Tann-Cooper ‘17

Dear Rosemont Class of 2020. This is certainly not the graduating experience you or anyone else expected. We all wish this was a bad dream and when we wake up it will be gone. But no, the world is facing unprecedented chaos and confusion driven by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Your family and friends need and depend on your youthful energy, creativity, and societal contributions to get through these difficult times. Rosemont's values and principles have prepared you to embrace these challenges and make a difference.

You can do this! This currently bumpy road will pass. You are the future. Be safe, Socially Distance, and remain faithful; maintain hope for the bright future that awaits you. We will all celebrate together at commencement in 2021. God bless!

- Ben McGinty ‘00

To the Rosemont Class of 2020

Congratulations on completing your years of study at Rosemont. My heart goes out to each of you who was looking forward to walking upon the stage, receiving your diploma and celebrating with friends and family. 

Please try not to let your disappoint overshadow all that you are accomplished at Rosemont and all you will in the years ahead.  Move forward toward your goals and dreams despite the situation facing you.  Take life one day at a time. keep the faith and move forward.

My prayers are with you and I welcome you to the proud lot who are Rosemont Alums!! 

- Claire Needham Guadagno ‘76

Dear Rosies,

This would have been my 60th reunion year. I have cherished my Rosemont years and my dearest friends are classmates. I wish you all God’s blessings on your graduation and future. You have had an experience that will never cease to bear fruit. A degree from Rosemont.

Love to all of you,

-Kathi Walsh ‘60

Congratulations Ravens, from a Rosemonster from long ago .

Listen, I know your Senior Year didn't end the way it should have -

but Rosemont is in your blood and a legacy you will carry on forever.

A formal, a pub crawl, 100 days party, etc. those are all fun and memorable things to experience, but it's just the last 2.5 months of your college life.  Remember you have three prior years of memories to cherish.  "Rosemont" spirit doesn't end when they hand you a diploma.  The special people in your life now will remain forever.

That's what you learned at Rosemont - love, acceptance, compassion and bonds of friendship.

The pandemic is a horror, and hopefully you and your families stay safe and healthy. But it's not going to be first obstacle you experience in your post graduate life, there will do many more.

But you've got this, you're blessed by the Holy Spirit - you're a

Raven - soar high and free.  Go forth and celebrate each day to the fullest.  Nothing is guaranteed, so don't waste anytime.

I am so proud to be linked to you through Rosemont!

-Jennifer Sernotti ‘83

First off -- Congratulations!   Nothing can take away your successes and accomplishments.  You will have memories and friends from Rosemont that will last you a lifetime. This is just another unique memory.  Keep a positive attitude; you will face adversity many times....staying positive will get you through them all.  I congratulate you and welcome you to ALUMNI status...

-Tara George ‘90

Hi Class of 2020!  I am sure that this is not how you pictured your Spring Break of Senior year, but you are most definitely not alone.  This is not how any of expected to spend our spring. It will most definitely be something you will remember for the rest of your life. 

So chin up and know that will still look upon these days will have to trust me on this.  You are close to turning the page and starting an important chapter in your life so reflect on this accomplishment and the relationships you have made along the way. 

This is your future and you need to focus your time and attention on making the best of it and know that 85% of jobs are made by networking.  Best of luck on your next chapter, and know that Rosemont College has given you a great foundation to help your achieve your very best.

- A. DiBruno ‘09

Dear Class of 2020,

I graduated from Rosemont 67 years ago !! However, I never forgot all the celebrations surrounding that ""Big Day.""

My heart goes out to each of you in this pandemic era.

You are to be admired for your strengths in this difficult time.

Do not let these last days color your Rosemont experience which you have enjoyed and which will stay with you forever.

Wishing you every success,

-Maureen O'Grady Clancy '53

Stay Strong!  These are trying times, but staying true to yourself in the face of the unknown requires the courage I know you each have within you.  May your foundation at Rosemont carry you all through to many successes!             

-Neisha Bruce ‘00

Dearest Members of the Rosemont College Class of 2020,

Who would have thought when you entered the beautiful grounds of Rosemont College four years ago, you would encounter an unpredictable pandemic such as we have?

Although you will not have the opportunity to walk in a formal graduation ceremony, your accomplishments do not go unnoticed! As a parent of a member of the class of 2020 from Rutgers University, I understand the importance of celebrating the achievements of my son. He was due to walk on the same day as your graduation.

As a two-time graduate of Rosemont College and a member of the Alumni Board of Directors, I feel like a parent to each of you as well. I wish you all the best of luck in pursuing your dreams, and I’m positive you will shine no matter where you are!

All my best,

-Dr. Karen A. Fiorillo ’84 ‘02

One of the only certainties in life is ""change,"" a contradiction.  But, your liberal arts background uniquely equips you to internalize this adage and to be strengthened by this adversity.

When we were freshman, President Kennedy led the country through the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis.  Panic ensued along the east coast as military personnel moved towards Florida.  Historians have opined that it was perhaps the most serious crisis a president has faced. 

The following fall, our strong leader was assassinated on the first day of senior prom week-end. We watched endless news shows on campus before finally going home. Then came the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, the Women's Movement, etc. Eventually I was drawn to a career in public service. 

May some of you see the tremendous need we have for leadership in the public sector - local government, health, military, education, environmental conservation.  Rosemont has prepared you academically and given you community support in times of crisis.  You're ready to use your talents and do wonderful things.  And, we will all applaud.  

- Patty Dohrenwend ‘66


Often graduation speeches start with "you are our future..." Today that's truer than ever.  While you may not have a traditional graduation ceremony, you still have the opportunity to go out and practice the ethical and honorable values that are part of a Rosemont education.  In doing so, you will be doing your part to make the world a much better place.

I wish you the best of luck in all that you do.

-Anonymous ‘20

Dear Rosemonsters and Ravens,

 I am so sorry that you will not experience the joys of your last few days at Rosemont in person, on campus. However, I know that you are "a people of God" and have lived and experienced the great POWER of small in your time at Rosemont.

The prayer to obtain the Beatification of Venerable Cornelia Connelly, asks us to "share her faith, her obedience and her unconditional trust in the power of your (GOD) love. Please know that you are not alone.

With all good wishes and God's blessings,

-Jude Desmond O'Shea ‘58

These experiences, while difficult, only make us stronger.  Rosemont strong, Rosemont proud, Rosemont soars! 

Good luck as you takes these next steps.

Rosemont has served me well and it will you too. We are all one big community for a small school.

Happy graduation!        

-Ann Nelson ‘84

The education you received at Rosemont with its meticulous attention to the curriculum of each course plus the clear passion of your teachers for the material will influence your work ethic and your life path forever.  It certainly did mine.  Congratulations for a job well done!

Elizabeth Burns ‘66

May you all have much success and happiness in your future journey.

Helen McDevitt-Smith ’63

Congratulations as you graduate with a Rosemont degree. I am sorry this virus has changed some happy end of College events and your graduation but we hope to see you walking in the 2021 graduation.

I loved my days at Rosemont. Some of my best friends today are from my class. Some of my classmates get together for lunch once a month and have been doing this since our 30th reunion.

Stay well. Make a difference in our world. You are in my prayers.     

Helen McDonald ‘62

Congratulations! You all know how hard you had to work for this amazing accomplishment. Even though your lives will have moved on, go back and give yourselves a ceremony next year. It’s a memory you won’t forget, and you deserve to be celebrated! Best wishes and so sorry you were robbed.”

Jack Stanton ‘14

My congratulations and all best wishes on your graduation from THE best college ever!!  We are all rooting for you! Have a wonderful fulfilling life - you have all the abilities to do so ! God Bless you all!

-Anonymous ‘54

Dear students,  The Commencement, formal and other celebrations are important milestones, events that officially launch you into the next part of your lives.  They should be missed and appropriately grieved.  But if Rosemont has taught you anything it has taught you that life is full of challenges and obstacles that can't stop you from marching ahead.  Disappointments will come. 

Put them aside or file them away in a folder labeled "It's alright!".  Commencement and formals and parties are minor in the face of crises. You are strong and you will be even stronger as you move on.  For now, however, you deserve appreciation and congratulations for what you have accomplished so for.

- Anonymous ‘66

Hang in there everyone! You are almost alumni! You will have to catch up on the extra fun you missed for many years to come! It can be ongoing for the rest of your life! This is a temporary halt. Establish a group email to share ideas, (stay away from politics) good books you read, travels you would like to take and of course some of the most memorable stories you would like to share about Rosemont!

Congratulations to you!


- Melody Giblin Zima ‘64"            

"Hi Class of 2020!

I know that this is bittersweet but look to the positive. Think back on all the happy memories that you created at Rosemont and all the life long friendships that you gained. This will be something that you will treasure forever.

Stay positive and keep thinking of the good times! "

- Gabrielle Ferrara ‘19

Class of 2020:   I can only imagine how disappointed you must be.  Not so much because your graduation will be delayed a year. But because you will miss the treasured last semester with your classmates and friends.  I have no answer.  But you can try to stay together and keep in touch.  Be strong  and value the time you had.  Ronnie Ahern.

-Veronica Ahern ‘68

I cannot imagine the variety of emotional responses you are each experiencing. Life is challenging you for sure! My class is also challenged as this would have a been our 50th reunion and our celebration of Dr. Hirsh, our classmate. Major bummer!!

I have found that throughout my life, my time at Rosemont was quietly there strengthening me. My education was remarkable. I’m sure yours was too. So, be strong and take a moment to feel the support of every graduate as you move forward in your life!

-Veronica Quinn ‘70

"Congratulations Rosemont 2020!

The celebration of your graduation is not nearly as important as the education your have earned and the friendships you have enjoyed over these past four years. Treasure them, continue to foster them, and enjoy them for the rest of your lives."

Dorothy Kueny ‘59

This Coronavirus is giving all of us a unique perspective on how we are living. I am sorry that your graduation and your Senior year is changed.  You are tough. You made it through four years of college.  Applaud yourself. This interruption in your formal education only emphasizes the value of what you are earning. Keep the Faith.  God will make things right.           

- Kathy Moralle ‘73

"Dear Class of 2020,

As a RPL, I took you through Orientation and then I spent two years watching you all grow. Weirdly enough I believe you are the class that can get through this because you are a class full of strong, independent, and determined students and will always soar to the top.

I know you may not be able to walk across that stage this year, but remember when you do, you deserve it! Show off your degree everywhere because you worked hard for it and you didn't let anything stand in your way. "

-Kyah Hawkins ‘18

This virus is running through us now. All of us are off course. This virus will run its course. But you, the class of 2020, have run your time without this plague. This plagues you now but this will pass. Your achievement lasts forever.

You WILL BE  alumni on May 16, 2020; it's the formality that is in abeyance. This May 16th, I'll cheer for all of you. I'll hold my full applause until next year, when we will really roar. Best wishes, and know my thoughts and prayers are with you.  

-Linda Romanowski ‘75

A former Rosemont graduate (MS Management), I am now the General Manager for Radnor Valley Country Club, Villanova PA. If there is any way in which I may be of assistance to you as you complete this very difficult final semester, please let me know.  Every generation has tough moments but these are the times during which we are provided with opportunities to shine.  Be bright!

-Michele Gajderowicz, ‘01

"My best to all of you!

You've been through a very trying experience with this corona virus. BUT you've made it.

I hope you can make it to campus again to celebrate your graduation .


-Rose Stanley ‘74

Please let this time of crisis strengthen your bonds with your fellow classmates. Be thankful that technology enables you to stay in close touch even though you cannot be together on campus. Although we graduated 48 years ago, the friendships I made at Rosemont are still strong, as evidenced by the Zoom call with 4 of us today and plans for a bigger group next week. Congratulations on your achievements and best of luck going forward!            

-Anonymous 1972

"Dear RC Seniors,

As a RC graduate and former Trustee, Rosemont is always in my thoughts, but never more than right now. I can't even imagine how difficult this time is for you, but I know for sure that what we called 'stress' as seniors in 2003 does not even begin to equal what you are coping with.

Please know that while the wonderful celebrations and interactions are disappointingly not going to happen for you as you prepare to graduate, you will still have that most important thing going for you: the body of work you have done at Rosemont  to further your lifetime of learning.

That is what really counts, and we will all be proud of you for that alone. You are the brand-new, shining examples of how Rosemont College 'meets the needs of the day' and in future years you will likely look back on this chaotic year as a defining moment in your life, one which will help you to manage just about anything that comes your way.

In fact, maybe the virus has given us the best possible lesson of all: how to stay focused on good works no matter how difficult it may be. Stay calm and carry on!      With love,

- Clare Mackie ‘03

We are proud of you. You will go far as you carry the spirit of Rosemont College with you.

- Jeanne Marie Guerin, SHCJ ‘51

Dear students, The Commencement, formal and other celebrations are important milestones, events that officially launch you into the next part of your lives. They should be missed and appropriately grieved.

But if Rosemont has taught you anything it has taught you that life is full of challenges and obstacles that can't stop you from marching ahead. Disappointments will come. Put them aside or file them away in a folder labeled "It's alright!".

Commencement and formals and parties are minor in the face of crises. You are strong and you will be even stronger as you move on. For now, however, you deserve appreciation and congratulations for what you have accomplished so for.

- Anonymous '66

We all wish you could celebrate your achievements this year and our hearts go out to you.

It has been 52 years since I graduated. What has supported me all these years is not the memories of that day but what I learned and I am sure your learned too at Rosemont College. Critical thinking, ethics, true friendship, empathy for the unfortunate.

No event can ever take that away from you. The world needs you now more than ever and I have no doubt that your education will last a lifetime for you too!

Best Wishes,

Patti McKernan Konrad '68

Congratulations on achieving the great milestone of your BA from Rosemont College. This is a unique moment in time for our globe. Never before, in my lifetime, have I experienced how interconnected our world is. While this is not the kind of senior year you expected or wanted, the Class of 2020 is special and your cohort includes all the Classes of 2020 around our country and beyond who are facing similar realities. May each of you dedicate yourselves to helping others and thus using all that you gained as a student at Rosemont.

- Sr. Stephanie  Henry ‘73

Dear Class of 2020,

You have had to overcome a unique set of challenges this year. The loss is profound. The disappointments are real. There are many things that you cannot control now. But, what you can control is your positive attitude and your excitement for your future. As you embark on this next chapter, know that we (the Rosemont Community) cheer you on and support you.

You have worked so hard. Be proud of your accomplishments. Stay hopeful for a bright future and grateful to those who have helped you to get you this far. May the good wishes of the entire Rosemont Community encourage you and may you experi

Cheryl Koblensky ‘87

Many, many congratulations for your graduation.  Although you won't have the ceremony you still spent your time studying and having fun (I hope!) while attending Rosemont and now obtaining your degree. 

Hope you remember all the good times and not just these last few months.


- Anonymous  ‘60

I am a Rosemonster and proud of it! The people I’m checking on by text at this difficult time? Five amazing fellow Rosemonsters that are still my best friends. It does not matter where you are, Rosemont will always be a part of you and you will take it wherever you go. "    

- Anonymous

I cannot imagine the fear, anxiety, sadness, and disappointment you all must be feeling at finishing your last year away from campus. But in these uncertain times we have seen so many people from around the world come closer than ever before.

Even if you are all physically apart, I bet you have become closer as a class and have started reaching out to those you may not have before. You will still have the same experiences, just in a new way. I am sure you all will be able to create lasting memories in different planned activities whether in Summer, Fall, Winter, or next Spring. You are more imaginative and inspirational than you may believe yourselves to be. Wishing you are all safe, healthy, and staying positive!   

- Alexandra Benfold ‘10

You worked really hard.  Your parents and friends are so proud of you.  You've been waiting four years to hear your name announced and take in the applause, the flowers, the accolades.  It is so sad that you cannot celebrate with those who encouraged you and supported you. 

But, don't let this set back define you.  You will be more determined to make your mark in this world and to show that substance triumphs over show.   When you return next year to take your place among the 2021 graduates you will have already appreciated the leg up your Rosemont education has given you as you take your place in the world.  You will be doubly honored as both a graduate and a contributor to a better world.

I wish you well,

Marian Caroselli ‘69      

The Senior Class of 2020 will not be able to experience some of the fun times I had as a senior back in the '60s.  But the things they learned, the teachers who inspired them, the friends they made: those things will stay the same. 

And it could be worse.  Let me share with you the story of my mother's senior year at a small Catholic college in Indiana, in 1926-7.  In the fall of that year, her father disappeared.  No trace of him was found at home, at work, or among his friends.  The family was devastated. 

In those days there was no social security, no Medicare, nothing for them to live on.  The nuns at my mother's college were very fond of her, and she was a good student.  They agreed to carry her on to her graduation, without her paying tuition, room or board.  Immediately after graduation, she found work as a journalist and helped support her mother and young brother. 

She also met the man she would marry during her senior year.  My father went to law school at night during the Depression, and  Mom's little brother went through Med school in a year less than required and ended up head of department at a big Chicago hospital. And my mother carried on with her journalistic work, off and on, throughout her life.

The unfestive graduation may be a disappointment,  but you have garnered a solid education, which will stand you in good stead when life throws some slings and arrows at you. Be in good spirits, and good luck to you!"             

- Anonymous  ‘61

Congratulations. What we have in common are a few important things. We both have learned at Rosemont. I over 50 years ago, you much more recently. We both have our graduation/reunion postponed. And we both will have to navigate a new normal for this year and depending on how we all measure up, another new normal in the country going forward.

There will be much to learn this year about health, politics and culture. We will have to become more creative, resourceful and patient with ourselves, the economy and each other. I wish you every success during this challenging time. You will become your true self by your choices and shape what this nation will be going forward.

Act wisely, be generous and remember to value people over things, community over individualism and authentic relationships over the superficial. Hope you bring increased wisdom to your eventual graduation ceremony and mature in amazing ways as you face the shared challenge of Covid19. 

It will not all be terrible. May you have a joyous 50th reunion yourself on campus, on time and look back on these days with appreciation for all that you grew, created  and lived to tell.    

- Maryanne Schiller  ‘70

The best four years of my life were spent at Rosemont and I can say this after graduating 48 years ago.  The friendships that still endure, the education and the campus made it a special place.  I went on to have a great career at Harvard Business School and credit Rosemont for much of my success.

As for Commencement, that was one of the saddest days of my life.  I still have photos of a group of us trying to look happy and excited but knowing an era was over (we also had the worst Commencement speaker ever!). 

So while you won’t be experiencing Pomp and Circumstances, know that your friends and education will last a lifetime .

All the best,

-Kathryn Fay Venne ‘72

Congratulations to all the members of Rosemont's Class of 2020 who have experienced the Power of Small. All the friendships formed, lessons learned, and love exchanged at Rosemont will serve you well as you make your way in the world.

You each have greater destinations. You each will do Big things in your own way, in your own time. I cheer for all of you and wish you the best. Strut your stuff, but remember to be kind to one another. Hugs, handshakes, and kisses will return. Stay strong. Stay safe. Smile no matter what.    

- Harry Doe ‘98

One of the former Rosemont Presidents, the late Sr. Mary George O’Reilly told me...’Whenever life feels challenging, Pat, just do this: Lift your eyes to the mountains from whence your help will come.’

During this time, when it feels we are walking through an endless valley... lift your eyes and more importantly your thoughts to the mountain tops. All your dreams and future accomplishments live there. Knowing that... will get you through this.

- Pat Ciarrocchi ‘74

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you!

Thank you for your fortitude as you embark on your professional careers and personal endeavors in a  world of unprecedented cautions. It is with faith, hope and love that we embrace the challenges of our days.

Faith which provides a foundation on which we can place our hope and love.

Faith in our leaders, political, religious, and scientific, to help usher us through these times.

Hope that we will treat each other with patience and kindness throughout this pandemic and the afterwards. 

Love to guide our actions; to extend and express ourselves in new ways.

And your classmates, mentors, colleagues and teachers....FRIENDS.

Unlike other friends and loved ones, these friends have been vital to your emotional, personal,  academic, and spiritual development and growth. And each of you to them!

Reach out as you are able, stay connected, let people know how you love them;  this is a shared crisis which has already changed you and your expectations for Spring 2020.

Celebrate your talents, successes,and accomplishments; use the foundations of your faith and love to embrace the challenges ahead with vigor.

Cornelia Connelly's epitaph reads:

Love knoweth no measure

Feareth no labour

Maketh sweet all that is bitter Findeth rest in God alone.

God bless you and those you love; may you be safe and peaceful.

May all people be blessed and safe and peaceful.


- Rose McDonough ‘79

Warm Greetings Everyone,

Just some random thoughts as I pray for your  patience and

inner peace.

Blessings of Courage---You are in a time when great courage is needed

The Holy Child will give you  grace and vision to deem what is right for you at this time. Ask him... then wait for His time but use well the now time.  Remember, everything can't go as quickly as we might like. Your faith and friendships will overcome disappointments.

You will find in prayer the strength, courage and power needed for your ongoing journey.

God bless each of you!"

- Barbara Sposato ‘56

Hi Class of 2020,

It's a huge bummer that your last quarter of college is being hijacked by a global pandemic. I can only hope that you look back on this time as a period of reflection, where you examine closely the growth you've experienced as a Rosemonster.

I also encourage you to look at the opportunities afforded each of us whose lives have been turned upside down for a few months. How creative are you? How can you pivot from your previous vantage point to a new one? How nimble are you? How do you manage radical change?

No doubt your Rosemont education has prepared you to solve 21st-century problems, starting with this gigantic one! I feel strongly that my Rosemont professors taught me the problem-solving skills that have made me a leader in my professional role during this crisis (yes, seriously!)

The pandemic has actually allowed me to flex my skills as a creative thinker and problem solver in my job in a way that is notable, and may even garner a promotion. My Rosemont years also taught me compassion. I feel for all of you missing out on your golden days before graduation.

And while graduation would have been awesome, I'm sure you have plenty of amazing Rosemont memories to reflect on.

Cheers to you!


- Liss ’96

Greetings to the members of the Class of 2020!

I am a Rosemont graduate of 1968. Even though we didnt use the slogan “thr power of small” we lived it. We were a women’s college then. I was the first woman in my extended family to attend college and Rosemont was a wonderful place to prepare for a big new world.

What I treasure most are the friendships. We studied together, lived together and grew up together. And best of all, we still meet every year to continue those wonderful relationships. On graduation day, we were eager to get on our way. Treasure the memories and the people! God bless your future!       

- Anonomous ‘68

We are all with you, lifting you up. You've got this! Our hearts go out to you but we know how strong and intelligent you are. This adversity will only strengthen you and spur you on to success in life!

- Victoria Cuneo'85