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Commencement Q&A

Plans are underway for Commencement 2021!  We are excited to announce that in-person ceremonies will be held on campus.  Please read the answers to common questions below, and be sure to check your email for updates.

What day will ceremonies be held?

Ceremonies for the 2020 and 2021 Graduates of the Undergraduate College will be held on Saturday, May 15.  Baccalaureate Mass will also be held on Saturday, May 15.

Ceremonies for the 2020 and 2021 Graduates of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies (online & on campus programs) will be held on Sunday, May 16.

What time will my ceremony be?

The exact time of your ceremony will be communicated to you no later than April 1.

How many guests may I bring?

This is not a simple question to answer … yet.  It all depends how many graduates confirm they are attending.  On March 1, you will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office to complete the official reply form for Commencement by March 15.  Your reply will allow us to determine how many graduates of each degree will be included in each ceremony and how many guests each graduate may bring.  The total number of graduates, guests, faculty, and platform party members for every ceremony will be 250. The total number of guests you may bring will be communicated to you no later than April 1.

Can I request to have my friends also graduate at my ceremony?

All of the ceremonies will include both 2020 and 2021 graduates receiving the same degrees and/or graduates from the same program.  So, while it is likely that you will know the people who share your ceremony because you are earning the same Rosemont degree, there is no practical or efficient way for us to customize the ceremonies around friend groups.  Thank you for understanding that.

When will I get my Cap, Gown, & Hood?

Our plan is to mail academic attire directly to your home address sometime in late April.  Your tassel will read 2020 or 2021, depending on the date of your degree conferral.  The Graduation Fee you paid in 2019-2020 (for 2020 graduates) or 2020-2021 (for 2021 graduates) will cover the cost of your academic attire and underwrites other Commencement expenses.  There will be no additional cost to you. 

If I already received my diploma in Spring of 2020, will I receive another one?

No, if you are a 2020 graduate, your Rosemont diploma was mailed to your home address in the Spring of 2020.  During the ceremony, you will be handed a ceremonial diploma by President Boyers. 2021 graduates will pick up their diploma following their ceremony.  (They will be mailed to those who do not attend.)

What happens next?

Look for the email from the Registrar’s Office on March 1.  Please be sure to complete the reply form by March 15.  On April 1, we will let you know the time of your ceremony, how many guests you may bring, and the time for you to check-in and check-out of campus for Commencement. Be sure to frequently check your emails; that will be the primary way for us to share information with you.