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A Message to the Campus Community

Yoli Alovor, PhD - April 21, 2021

On May 25th, 2020, the world witnessed George Floyd take his last breath in front of their eyes, another black life gone. Nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds provoked anger, rage, disgust, fear, and an additional demonstration of how black and brown bodies are dehumanized, devalued, and depreciated.

The cry for justice and pleas for equity could be heard across the globe. Our appeal for righteousness, this time, would not be silenced. On April 20th, 2021, our cries did not go unheard. The guilty conviction of George Floyd’s murder was a demonstration that our society is taking strides towards justice. The guilty conviction was an acknowledgment that not only did George Floyd’s life matter but the lives of all that have been unjustly lost at the hands of unwarranted violence.

Although yesterday’s verdict is a harsh reminder of how far we have to go in racial equity, George Floyd did not die in vain. Let his memory be fuel for us to continue fruitful conversations on how we can continue to foster steps toward social justice. Let’s listen with open hearts and find productive mending elements that bind us as human beings.

President Boyers and I had a long conversation after the verdict was announced. We wanted to ensure that our campus is confident that we stand unified on our position of social justice. We stand committed to deliberate and steadfast efforts to treat one another in a way that is always consistent with our mission.  Let this day be a reignition of hope and a pathway for a just and equitable society. These are our Rosemont values. We must live them with an earnest effort and collectively bend towards the righteousness of justice.

Yoli Alovor, PhD
Chief of Staff/VP of Diversity and Belonging