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About Rosemont College

About Rosemont College

Enriching Individuals and Communities Through Education for 100 Years 

At Rosemont College, we believe that each person has a unique gift that, when cultivated, can be used to transform themselves and the world. The best way to unlock that potential is through an education that expands your mind and worldview through a quality academic experience, and exposure to difference, in a safe and supportive community. That’s where we come in. 

For 100 years, we’ve been trailblazers in providing the life-changing opportunity of education to anyone who has the drive to pursue it. With a mission to develop open and critical minds and meet the “wants of the age,” Rosemont was founded in 1921 by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. Serving as a women’s college—at a time when few women were enrolled in higher education—we paved the way for our earliest generations of students to forge their own path, even as women were pressured to conform, rather than lead. 

A few decades later, that focus moved to extend access to lower-income communities of women, then women of color, who had traditionally been left out of higher education, and then to further diversify the College, it expanded to include men. Furthermore, in recognition of working adults who aspire to begin or advance their careers, we launched adult-centered undergraduate programs, all of which are delivered 100% online in an accelerated format. Today, Rosemont offers more than 40 traditional undergraduate, adult undergraduate, and graduate programs in a variety of fields.  

Rosemont has evolved significantly in our century-long mission to meet the wants of the age. Through it all, we have continued to adapt to reach out to underserved communities so we can give students from all walks of life a place to call their educational home. 

Welcoming of All Faiths 

As Rosemont embarks on our next 100 years, we remain fervently dedicated to Catholic values that champion diversity, social justice, and care for the earth and one another. In keeping with this commitment, we embrace students of all faiths, backgrounds, and identities. It is clear now more than ever that meaningful discovery—and change—happens when students’ voices are not only heard but valued, fostering an environment that encourages us to share our experiences and immerse ourselves in a wide range of perspectives. Read more about our mission and values. 

Academic Programs That Meet the Wants of the Age 

It’s no secret that there are far too many barriers to obtaining a college degree. For our part, we do all we can to help our students overcome these challenges to achieve their dreams. In fact, U.S. News & World Report recently named Rosemont among the top schools in the north for social mobility. 

From day one, our students are supported in their journey toward transforming their passion into a fulfilling career. Our small class size and accomplished faculty ensure that you are surrounded by mentors and peers who expand your idea of what’s possible, encourage you to explore your interests, and reach your potential through the learning style that best suits your needs. 

No matter which area of study you choose, our curriculum does more than prepare you for a job. It heightens your sense of social responsibility and provides strong intellectual and practical skills that translate into real-world settings. 

A Beautiful 58-Acre Campus in Suburban Philadelphia 

Rosemont College is located in the historic residential neighborhood of Rosemont, Pennsylvania, 11 miles west of Philadelphia on the suburban Main Line. Our campus is easily accessible to and from Philadelphia, giving students full access to a world-renowned hub for industries including tech, business, arts and culture, and history. 

  • 30 minutes from Philadelphia 
  • 2 hours from New York City 
  • 2 hours and 30 minutes from Washington DC 

Rosemont's gorgeous campus has over a dozen classroom, residential, and athletic buildings, and a recently built Community Center with smart classrooms, dining areas, study rooms, and a fitness center. Both idyllic and intellectually stimulating, our campus offers ample spaces to soak in the scenery, gather with peers, or just get some work done. 

We recommend experiencing Rosemont for yourself. Schedule a visit or take a virtual tour. 

A Supportive Community That Brings Out the Best in Each Person 

Students often tell us that Rosemont helped them find their voice, and that’s by our design. With an intentionally small, diverse community, our students feel seen, heard, and valued—because they are. This environment is a catalyst for personal and professional growth, in whatever form is meaningful to you. Whether it’s professor-mentors guiding you in defining your career path, getting involved with clubs or organizations on campus, joining a sports team, or even speaking up in class discussions for the first time. When our students graduate, they’re ready to take on life with confidence, curiosity, and an open mind. 

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