Rosemont Welcomes O'Neil

Kate O'Neil

Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow

Featured Event: Ethical Blind Spots: When Leaders Fail Ethics

Thursday, November 15, 2012 | 7 - 9 PM | McShain Auditorium

Enron, Tyco, Madoff, Countrywide Financial, Lehman Brothers – these names call to mind some of the most egregious ethical failures in business of the past several decades. Are these failures merely the result of a few “bad apples,” or is there more to the story?  How does corporate governance influence organizational ethics? What can research on behavioral ethics and decision making tell us about the factors that lead people to act against their own values?  In this roundtable discussion, panelists with expertise in leadership, organizational ethics, corporate governance, behavioral economics, and ethical decision making will explore these and related questions.


Participants include:

  • Ann K. Buchholtz, Professor of Leadership and Ethics and Research Director of the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers University.
  • Jason Dana, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Jonathan H. Marks, Associate Professor of Bioethics, Humanities, Law, and Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University; Director, Bioethics and Medical Humanities Program, University Park.
  • Kathleen O’Neil, President and CEO of Liberty Street Advisors and Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow at Rosemont College. 

Ethical Blind Spots - November 2012

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