March 2015

The Scenario

Andrea works at Mobile-C, a company that manufactures cell phones. Sales have been stagnant lately because their phones are powered by a battery which, although better for the environment, costs more to make. To recoup these costs, the company charges higher prices for their phones than their competitors. Andrea realizes that if the company uses a cheaper battery, they can drop the price of their phones which would be economically beneficial for the company and the community. The lower price would not only increase sales, but potentially create more jobs in the manufacturing and sales departments. The problem is that the cheaper battery is not as environmentally friendly as the more expensive battery, and that will increase the company’s carbon footprint.  Andrea is also worried that the switch to the cheaper battery may affect the image of the company as sustainable, which may affect sales too. Keeping all of these factors in mind, what is Andrea's best course of action here, and why?

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