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Higher education in the United States, particularly in the liberal arts and the Catholic intellectual tradition, has long emphasized the preparation of an educated citizenry for active civic, economic, and cultural participation by addressing important moral and social issues. This emphasis continues to be of vital importance, as the complexities of today’s society increasingly demand that central questions concerning ethical values and their relevance to democratic society and human flourishing be addressed.  Likewise, ongoing moral failures in leadership – whether in politics, business, sports, education, and other societal institutions – require a thoughtful consideration of the moral foundation and social responsibilities of effective and inspiring leadership.  

Our institute was launched with a view to raising the visibility of moral issues and providing opportunities for student leadership and community engagement throughout our academic programs and extra-curricular activities. We are committed to helping students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for becoming reflective and active citizens who recognize the importance of contributing to the broader values and needs of society.  

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The Institute will contribute to this vision through curricular innovation in leadership and ethics, research initiatives focusing on the interrelation between ethics, leadership, and social responsibility, and outreach to local businesses and non-profit organizations sharing our mission. The Institute will thus continue to foster Rosemont’s longstanding commitment to preparing its graduates for engaged citizenship dedicated to working toward the greater good.  To learn more about the Institute’s mission, programs, and events, please take the time to explore our website.

Alan A. Preti, Ph.D.


Alan A. Preti, Ph.D.
Director, Institute for Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility
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Tynesha Story
Administrative Assistant

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