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Special Programs & Dual Degrees

Honors Program

The Honors Program allows students with a minimum SAT in critical reading and math of 1100 and a high school GPA of 3.50 or higher to participate in series of intellectually challenging and stimulating honors courses for students interested in a broad educational experience that extends beyond the standard curriculum.

The Honors Program experience also extends beyond the classroom giving students the opportunity to attend lectures, museums, musical performances, and other intellectual and artistic events. Students also participate in Service Learning or civic engagement opportunities. An important goal of the Honors Program is to foster an awareness of social responsibility, particularly to encourage service for the public good.

Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree programs allow undergraduate students to begin taking graduate courses as early as junior year, and to transfer seamlessly to Rosemont’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies. After an application process and formal acceptance to the program, students can complete their Bachelors and Masters degrees in as early as five years in: creative writing, publishing and MBA/MSL, while completing the counseling psychology program in as little as six years.


  • Second-semester sophomore status (junior and senior transfer students who have completed at least two semesters at Rosemont)
  • At least a 3.0 GPA (3.5 for psychology students)
  • Approval from undergraduate academic adviser to begin application process

*Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher in their graduate courses to maintain dual-degree status.

Application Process

  1. Online Application
  2. Statement of Purpose 
  3. Approval/Letter of Recommendation form from academic adviser

Supplemental Information

  • Writing Sample (creative writing and publishing)
  • Resume (publishing)
  • Interview (at graduate program directors' discretion) 

Please Note: The Office of Graduate Admissions processes all dual-degree applications with the graduate program directors granting admission along with the Undergraduate College and the Academic Deans.

Three-Year Programs

Rosemont College’s three-year bachelor’s degree is a unique opportunity for highly motivated and academically prepared students who are focused on a specific major. Faculty advisors customize a degree plan to include any advanced placement or other college-level work you may have already completed.


The three-year option also provides families with a significant cost savings in financing a student’s college education. Students finishing their degree in three years versus four would save the equivalent of a full year’s tuition (and room and board) while the student has the ability to begin graduate school or enter the job market one year earlier.


The three-year degree option is an incredible opportunity for high achieving students who are able to handle the rigors of accelerated learning.

Participating Majors

Accounting Business
Biology Chemistry
English History
Political Science Psychology

Collaborative Programs

  1. "Three + Four" Fast Track Med Program with Drexel University College of Medicine
    • Allows qualified candidates to enter Drexel University College of Medicine after three years of undergraduate study at Rosemont
    • An undergraduate degree will be awarded after the successful completion of the first year of medical school
    • Candidates must have an SAT score at or above 1360 for the combined critical reading and math section (the writing score will not be considered) with no single score lower than a 560 in each section.
    • ACT equivalent 31 composite
    • All other eligibility requirements are the same as those for the Early Assurance Program
    • Accepted Rosemont students who meet all minimum Drexel College of Medicine requirements will receive the Drexel Supplemental Application 
    • Completed Drexel application submitted to Rosemont no later than January 1 
    • Drexel will make all decisions on interview invitations and program admission
  2. Early Assurance Medical Program ("4 + 4") to Drexel University College of Medicine
    • SAT score at or above 1300 for the combined critical reading and math sections (the writing section will not be considered) with no single score below 600
    • ACT equivalent 29 composite
    • Rank in the top 10% of high school class
    • Full academic high school course load, including four years of English and math, three semesters of Science (at least one each of biology, chemistry and physics) and three years of foreign language study
    • Minimum high school GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
    • Personal interview at Rosemont College
    • Fulfillment of academic and supplemental criteria while at Rosemont College including:
      • Maintenance of 3.5 GPA (cumulative) and 3.25 science GPA
      • Minimum score of 31 on the MCAT
      • Completion of American College of Medicine Application
  3. Dental program with Temple University
    • Students in the Undergraduate College can apply to the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University in their junior year at Rosemont.
    • While at Rosemont, students must choose either a Biology or Chemistry major
    • To be eligible for early admissions at Temple, students must complete the following by the end of their junior year:
        • At least two writing courses
        • One year of biology,
        • One year of organic chemistry,
        • One year of inorganic chemistry, and
        • One year of physics with the associated laboratories
    • Students are also required to take the DAT exam
    • Senior year requirements are satisfied on completion of the first year curriculum of dental school at Temple University School of Dentistry

Post-Bacc Medical Program

Rosemont College’s post baccalaureate pre-medical program is designed to prepare students to enter graduate or professional school programs in the health care fields. This program serves two groups of students: career changers and/or record enhancers.

  • Rosemont College provides small class sizes and individual attention by experienced professors in each of the subject areas. 
  • Students in the post baccalaureate pre-medical program receive one-on-one advising throughout the program of study to assist you with course selection and professional school applications. 
  • Students who successfully complete the program will receive a letter of recommendation to include in their application to professional and /or graduate school. 
  • Students have the opportunity to do research with Rosemont College faculty or faculty at an affiliated institution.  Students may also do volunteer work with local medical facilities. 
  • Rosemont College also offers a one credit MCAT Review course to all students.
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Dual-degree Programs

  1. BA in psychology and a MA in elementary or secondary school counseling with certification
  2. BA in psychology and a MA in professional counseling
  3. BA in English/communication and a MA in publishing
  4. BA in English/communication and a MFA in creative writing
  5. BS in business and an MBA or a MSL

Collaborative Programs

  1. Three-plus-Four Fast Track Medical Program with Drexel University College of Medicine
    Enter medical school after three years at Rosemont and prior to receiving your BA, which will be conferred by Rosemont after your first year of medical school education.
  2. Early Assurance Medical Program (Four-plus-Four) with Drexel University College of Medicine
    Assure acceptance into medical school with the fulfillment of academic and supplemental criteria while at Rosemont.
  3. Dental program with Temple University Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry
    Transfer to Temple after junior year at Rosemont.