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Enrichment Courses

ENC-0105    Practical Technology for Today
This course will give students a comprehensive overview of computer hardware, operating systems, Microsoft's Office Suite software and technology in today's workforce.  No prerequisites.  1 credit.  

ENC-L105    Practical Technology for Today Lab
This lab gives students hand-on experience with the technology introduced in ENC-0105 and it is taken concurrently with the lecture course.  1 credit.

ENC-0109 Peer Mentoring
In this course students will serve as FYCS Peer Mentors by working with a specific FYCS class, conducting FYCS-based research, or coordinating co-curricular events for the FYCS Program. Responsibilities can include, but are not limited to, serving as a peer leader in FYCS classes, attending and running FYCS events, research, and collaboration with FYCS faculty. Under the guidance of the Director(s) of FYCS and the Instructors, students will develop their mentorship and leadership skills through their training and meetings with faculty and through their roles working with first-year students in the classroom and through programming and research.  Prerequisite:  POI.  1 or 3 credits.  This course fulfills the Enacting the Core/Experiential Learning requirement in the Undergraduate College’s General Education program.

ENC-0114    Enrichment:  Documentary Film Making
The one-credit enrichment class in documentary filmmaking lays the groundwork for the full, three-credit documentary filmmaking course. Students will learn fundamentals of editing, camera operation, and sound. Students taking the enrichment course must take the full, three-credit course offered in the spring.  1 credit.

ENC-0120  Leadership Skills
This course is designed to provide opportunities for self- exploration and personal leadership development for participants. By utilizing personal style inventories, current readings and interactive class activities, participants begin to build a personal foundation in leadership. Offered fall semester.  Prerequisite:  Permission of Instructor.  1 credit.

ENC-0130 Raven Peer Leader
The Raven Peer Leader (RPL) Program at Rosemont College is designed to proactively build community at Rosemont by actualizing students’ potential through leadership development and guided peer mentoring during the fall semester.  The program provides an opportunity for RPLs to build community through mentor relationships with first year students using guidance from Rosemont staff as well as knowledge about the College acquired through training.  The RPLs training and experience will also provide the mentees the information needed to navigate their first year attending Rosemont College.  Prerequisite: POI. 1 credit hour.  This course is pass/fail.

ENC-0135  “LEAD” Leadership, Engagement, Action and Development Program
In this course students will serve as facilitators for the Leadership, Engagement, Action, and Development (LEAD) program typically as an extension of the requirements of the Raven Peer Leader (RPL) program but not exclusively as such.  During the fall and spring semesters, students participating in LEAD will facilitate presentations targeting all undergraduate students with particular emphasis on first year students to attend.  Additionally, students will assist in participating and facilitating the first year ENGAGE Retreat, which is a retreat dedicated solely to first year students and is offered during the spring semester.  Prerequisite: POI. 1 credit.  This course is pass/fail.
ENC-0300  Student Leadership
This course provides students the opportunity to seek out leadership opportunities on campus and to put to use communication, problem solving and decision making skills.  This course will not replace the experiential learning requirement that is part of the GE curriculum in the Undergraduate College.  Prerequisites:  ENC-0120, Leadership Skills and POI.  1 credit.

ENC-0305  Publication
This course provides academic credit for students responsible for the development and production of Rosemont College's major publications, including the Thorn, Yearbook, and Rambler Newspaper.  Prerequisites:  One year of previous work on a student publication, appointment to the position of editor, asst. editor or managing production officer for one of Rosemont’s student publications and permission of instructor.  1 credit.

ENC-0310-01 MCAT Review
The course will take the student through the testing procedure and will have intense focused review sessions in Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics and Biology.  Supplemental Material: Presentations provided to the student, on-line testing and timed formatted tests will be provided.  Prerequisites: BIO-0150&0151, BIO-0155&0156, BIO-0246&0246, CHE-0142&0143, CHE-0145&0147.  Co-requisites: BIO-0250&0251 and CHE-0235&0236.


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