Minor Requirements, Sociology Track

A minor in Sociology requires 24 credits chosen from the following classes:
SOC-0100 Principles of Sociology 3 credits
SOC-0110 Social Problems 3 credits
SOC-0200 Social Theory: Classical 3 credits

SOC-0205 Social Theory: Contemporary 3 credits
SOC-0210 Social Stratification and Mobility* 3 credits
SOC-0285 Sociology of Sex Roles and Human Sexuality 3 credits
SOC-0390 Sociology of Substance Abuse 3 credits

Sociology Elective 3 credits
SOC-0350 Social Mediation & Dispute Resolution 3 credits

SOC-0360 Marriage, Family and Intimate Relationships 3 credits
SOC 0405 Clinical Sociology 3 credits

One Sociology Elective** 3 credits

*Students should complete SOC-0200 or SOC-0205 prior to enrolling in SOC-0210.
**At least 9 credits, or three courses, must at or above the 300-level. Students are encouraged to include SOC-0390, Sociology of Substance Abuse, as one of their elective courses within the discipline.