SOC-0100 Principles of Sociology
A study of the interaction in the major social institutions: the family, military, economy, religion, education, government / legal, leisure, mass media, peer group, community, and social stratification. How everyday life is influenced by culture, status, and role constructs. Sociology as an applied / problem solving discipline is emphasized. Offered fall semester. 3 credits. This course fulfills the Developing the Core/Social Science requirement  in the Undergraduate College’s General Education program.

SOC-0105 Cultural and General Anthropology
An introduction to the areas of anthropology; archaeology, physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistics. Topics include: methods of dating archaeological finds; origins of humankind; theories of culture; relationship between language and culture. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

SOC-0110 Social Problems
Appreciation of how “social problems” are defined by culture. Areas studied: (1) the city (urban change); (2) healthcare; (3) family disorganization; (4) labeling of sexual behavior; (5) individual and organized crime; (6) juvenile delinquency; (7) life-cycle problems; (8) substance use – drugs, alcohol, smoking; (9) war and terrorism; (10) secrecy and privacy; (11) poverty; (12) environmental issues. Offered spring semester. 3 credits. This course fulfills the Developing the Core/Social Science requirement in the Undergraduate College’s General Education program.

SOC-H110 Social Problems
This honors course focuses on social problems defined by culture. Areas studied include but are not limited to urban change, healthcare, family disorganization, war, and environmental issues. A comprehensive overview of theories related to social problems are applied in specific situations. Students will be expected to complete detailed assignments on social problems in the news and applying strategic models for intervention. A research project on a contemporary issue that differentiates short-term from long-term solutions will also be required.
This course fulfills the Developing the Core/Social Science requirement in the Undergraduate College's General Education program. Prerequisite: students must meet the UC qualifications for the Honors Program. 3 credits.

SOC-0120 Introduction to Social Work
The course introduces the student to the historical background and the fundamental principles and concepts that underlie modern social work theory and practice. Prerequisite: SOC-0100. Offered fall semester. 3 credits.

SOC-0121 Social Work Theory and Practice
The core social theories and skills that inform social interventions. Skill and practice exercises.  Prerequisite: SOC-0120. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

SOC-0200 Social Theory: Classical
Selected classical theorists. Theory as the basis of science. Comte, Spencer, Durkheim, Simmel, Weber, and others will be studied. Relevance to social life today. Prerequisite: SOC-0100. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

SOC-0205 Social Theory: Contemporary
Selected modern theorists read in the original with emphasis on how a theory is constructed. Freud, Parsons, Merton, Goffman, Park, Homans, Feminist Sociologists (K. Millet, D.E. Smith, de Beauvoir, J. Mitchell, B. Hooks), and others. The application of concepts to empirical research and sociological practice. Prerequisite: SOC-0100. Offered fall semester. 3 credits.

SOC-0210 Social Stratification and Mobility
A study of power relationships in society. Socio-economic status variables and everyday life.  Ruling class, elite, and pluralistic theories. Social mobility patterns of religio-ethnic groups.  Changes in American class structure due to globalization. U.S. social class impact on third world countries. “Rags to riches” and other belief patterns. Prerequisite: SOC-0200 or SOC-0205 or permission of instructor. Offered spring semester. 3 credits. This course fulfills a Global Awareness/Culture requirement in the Undergraduate College’s General Education program.

SOC-0215 Sociology of Education

Institutional and social psychological perspectives. Topics: anti-intellectualism; bureaucratization and professional roles; ethnicity, race, and class; life long learning; teacher/student alliances and conflicts; preparing students for the global economy; the teacher: problems, techniques, and roles; social trends in society impacting on education; private versus public education. Prerequisite: SOC-0100 or permission of instructor. Offered as needed. 3 credits.

SOC-0230 Field Work in Sociology
Individual placement in a social agency or other setting for one or two days per week, plus one hour seminar per week. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

SOC-0235 Sociology of Health and Illness
Issues, theories, and research in medical sociology. Topics: cultural and structural analyses of mental / physical health institutions; technology and health; social epidemiology; disease and the role of the ill person; health practices and practitioners; the quality of health care; changes in longevity; the patient as consumer; holistic trends; social values and health. Prerequisite: One 100-level Sociology course. Offered every other year. 3 credits.

SOC-0240 Forensic Anthropology
Theories, research, and methods/practices of Forensic Anthropology. Topics include crime detection; forensic context and recovery methods; initial treatment and examination of evidence; forensic attributions (ancestry, age, and sex); trauma study; pathological conditions, and skeletal malies; post-mortem analysis and other aspects of individualization; record keeping and utilization; forensic ethics; testimony (preparation/presentation of evidence in legal and other settings). This course is cross-listed with BIO-0243. No prerequisite. 3 credits.

SOC-0260 Criminology
An analysis of contemporary views of criminal behavior, social theories of causation/perpetration of crime. Areas of studies will be: deviance; penal reform; crime detection; changing definition of crime; and agencies of social control. Special emphasis on criminal law procedure and the elements of crimes. Field trips. Prerequisite: SOC-0100. Offered fall semester. 3 credits.

SOC-0265 Juvenile Delinquency

Origin of reformatory system, social values of middle class reformers, the juvenile system, gang behavior, types of J.D. treatment of youthful offenders, and new patterns of offenses. Field trips to facilities for juveniles and to juvenile court. Prerequisite: SOC-0100. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

SOC-0285 Sex Roles and Human Sexuality
Theories, concepts, and research in human sexuality. Topics include: socio-historical perspectives; life cycle changes; sexual communication; love/attitudes/intimacy patterns in American culture; gender roles and sexual dysfunction; religiosity; sex and the legal system; sex education; and trends in sexual attitudes and behavior. Prerequisite: SOC-0100. Offered every other year, fall semester. 3 credits. This course fulfills the Multiculturalism and Gender requirement in the Undergraduate College’s General Education program.

SOC-0300 Social Gerontology

A study of the bio-psycho-social aspects of aging. Topics include: role continuity/discontinuity; disengagement theory; activity theory; gray power; processes of socialization and adjustment in old age; death; grief and loss; health; new life patterns for elderly, and economic and political aspects of the aging population. Prerequisite: SOC-0200 or SOC-0205. Offered as needed. 3 credits.

SOC-0310 Forensic Sociology

The sociologist’s activities and functions related to the legal system. The roles of researcher, expert witness, mediator, liaison, advocate, evaluator, and consultant (to Guardian Ad Litem and others) will be explored. Court visits, guest speaker (lawyers, Guardian Ad Litem, judges, mental health professionals, etc.), and role-playing will round out the academic experience. The interplay between social theory, research, and application will be emphasized. No prerequisite. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

SOC-0315 Religion and Society

An examination of the impact of religion on society and society on religion, and an exploration of these relationships and an analysis of beliefs, religious practices, and organizations from a sociological perspective. The primary focus will be on religion in contemporary America. Prerequisites: One course each in Sociology and Religious Studies. This course is cross-listed with RST-0315. 3 credits.

SOC-0330 Social Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Theories and practices of dispute resolution. Social problems open to mediation include: domestic issues; cohabitation; divorce; child custody; employer-employee conflicts; educational services; and other areas. Topics covered: theories of social conflict / mediation; identifying the social context; ethical knowledge; techniques for building collaborations; identifying impasses; updating professional training; integration of other professionals (lawyers, religious professional, therapists, and human resources); drafting a mediation document. No prerequisite. 3 credits. This course partially fulfills the Critical Thinking requirement in the Undergraduate College’s General Education program.

SOC-0340 Symbolic Interactionism
The sociology of everyday life (micro-sociological analysis). A selection of symbolic interactionism literature dealing with impression management, symbols, and everyday life, kinesis, behavior cues, small group interactions, and social functions of humor in society. No prerequisite. Offered as needed. 3 credits.

SOC-0360 Seminar on Marriage, Family & Intimate Relationships
Topics: universality of the family; trends in marriage; class differentials in spousal selection; conflict resolution; alternative family styles; intimacy patterns; modification of husband-wife roles; social interventions with families; the effects of separation/divorce on children and new custodial arrangements; and decision making in intimate relationships. No prerequisite. Offered every other year. 3 credits. This course fulfills the Multiculturalism and Gender requirement  in the Undergraduate College’s General Education program.

SOC-0370 Minority Groups

Principles of acculturation-assimilation, prejudice-discrimination, and conflict-accommodation patterns. Exploration of social diversity (race, ethnicity, religious, age, gender, and nationality variables will be examined). Social justice movements (civil rights). Models for building social harmony. Prerequisites: Sociology majors or permission of instructor. Offered every other year. 3 credits.

SOC-0375 Sociology of the Courts and Legal Systems
The history, traditions, social philosophies, practices, and procedures of the civil and criminal systems. The court’s importance and impact on society from arrest to case dispositions. Site visits to observe the workings of the courts. The application of sociological theory, methods, and interventions. Offered as needed. 3 credits.

SOC-0384 Political Sociology

An analysis of the concepts of “power,” its attributes, and distribution in society. Politics as a social structure. Liberal and conservative perspectives on power, values, and decision-making. Industrialization, globalization, and the Third World. Prerequisite: Sociology major status or permission of instructor. Offered as needed. 3 credits.

SOC-0390 Sociology of Substance Abuse
Theoretical / applied knowledge related to legal / illegal drug use. Topics include: relationships between institutions and substance abuse; theories of causation / perpetuation; treatment models; intro to pharmacology of substance abuse; roles of the abuser; race, class, ethnicity, gender, and other socio-cultural themes in advertising of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes; and special issues for woman substance abusers. Prerequisites: SOC-0100 or SOC-0110, PSY-0100 or permission of instructor. Offered every year. 3 credits.

SOC-0400 Sociology Senior Seminar

Evaluation of current research, theory, and practice in sociology. Format is student presentations and discussion with faculty guidance. Topics vary by semester. Prerequisite: Senior Sociology major status or permission of instructor. Offered as needed. 3 credits.

SOC-0405 Clinical Sociology

Sociological concepts and theories are applied to clinical practice, research, and consultation; public and private practice; interrelationships between sociology and other disciplines dealing with mental health and social problems; social class, ethnicity, and other social variables employed in professional settings to assist individual, organizational, business, and communal social change. No prerequisite. Offered fall semester. 3 credits.

SOC-0410 Independent Study

This course is for advanced students pursuing a particular research (qualitative or quantitative) interest. A faculty sponsor must give approval prior to registration. Prerequisites: SOC-0100, SOC-0200 and/or SOC-0205, SOC-0210, and at least one other Social Science course or project related to the topic selected for independent study. 3 or 6 credits.

SOC-0420 Sociology of Stress and Crisis Intervention

Bio-socio-psycho foundations, social systems and stress, situational crisis theories, techniques for stress reduction, crisis intervention, burnout, PTSD, violence, life cycle issues, legal/ethical issues in intervention, religion, and animal companions. Self-monitoring stress reduction techniques will be taught and practiced. No prerequisite. Offered as needed. 3 credits.

SOC-0455 Internship

Supervised experience in an outside practice / agency or institution. Faculty-student conferences and evaluation sessions will be held periodically. An on-campus supervisory class will be held based on the professor’s discretion and student need. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior Sociology B.S. degree majors. 3 to 15 credits.


Stanley S. Clawar
Professor, Sociology
Discipline Chair

Joanne S. Campbell, M.S.S.
Adjunct Instructor, Sociology  

Rina Keller
Adjunct Instructor, Sociology  

Christine McCormick
Adjunct Instructor, Sociology

Christina Gaudio
Adjunct Faculty, Sociology

Devon Wagner-Ferguson
Adjunct Faculty, Sociology

Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin
Adjunct Faculty, Sociology

Dr. William Minser
Adjunct Faculty, Sociology