Undergraduate College


Minor Requirements, Political Science Track

A minor in Political Science requires 18 credits chosen from the following classes:
PSC-0101 Introduction to Political Science 3 credits
PSC-0103 Introduction to American Politics 3 credits

Four Political Science electives 12 credits

Minor Requirements, Pre-Law Track

A minor in Pre-Law requires 21 credits chosen from the following classes:
PHI-0100 Introduction to Philosophy 3 credits
PHI-0230 Introduction to Logic 3 credits
PSC-0260 Constitutional Law 3 credits
PSC-0261 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 3 credits
PSC-0340 Conflict Resolution 3 credits
WRT-0240 Business Writing 3 credits
PSC-0455 Internship 3 credits


The Pre-law minor can be completed by any Rosemont student, regardless of major.