International Relations Minor

A minor in International Relations is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for living and working in an increasingly globalized world. Students will develop an understanding of how the world has transformed, learn about political, social and economic interconnections between individuals and groups, and explore various international issues.

The program requires the completion of 18 credit hours via 6 courses.

1 Required International Course
PSC 0290 - Introduction to International Relations
PSC 281 - Introduction to Comparative Politics
1 Required Domestic Course
PSC 295 - American Foreign Policy
PSC 103 - Introduction to American Politics
4 Electives
BUS 480 – Introduction to International Business
COM 215 - Intercultural Communication
HIS 362 - Origins of the Great War
HIS 363 - Europe Since 1945
ECO 100 - Introduction to Macro-Economics
PSC 265 - International Organizations
PSC 283 - Politics of Sustainability
PSC 287 - International Security
PSC 288 - Model UN
PSC 295 - American Foreign Policy
PSC 360 - International Political Economy
WST 245 - Gender, War, and Peace: What if Women Ruled the World?
Any foreign language course at 300 level or higher

Minor Requirements, Political Science Track

A minor in Political Science requires 18 credits chosen from the following classes:
PSC-0101Introduction to Political Science3 credits
PSC-0103Introduction to American Politics3 credits

Four Political Science electives12 credits

Minor Requirements, Pre-Law Track

A minor in Pre-Law requires 21 credits chosen from the following classes:
PHI-0100Introduction to Philosophy3 credits
PHI-0230Introduction to Logic3 credits
PSC-0260Constitutional Law3 credits
PSC-0261Civil Rights and Civil Liberties3 credits
PSC-0340Conflict Resolution3 credits
WRT-0240Business Writing3 credits
PSC-0455Internship3 credits


The Pre-law minor can be completed by any Rosemont student, regardless of major.