Degree Requirements

Major Requirements for a B.A. in Political Science

In addition to meeting the course requirements for each respective major, all students must also fulfill the General Education requirements for the Undergraduate College. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science requires 120 credits.

General Education Requirements 57 to 58 credits

Six credits from the Political Science major can be applied towards General Education requirements.

Required Courses 39 credits
PSC-0101Introduction to Political Science3 credits
PSC-0103Introduction to American Politics3 credits
PSC-0350 Social Science Methodology3 credits
PSC-0400Senior Seminar3 credits
PSC-0455Internship3 credits
One course in American Politics, chosen from:
PSC-0260Constitutional Law3 credits
PSC-0261Civil Rights and Civil Liberties3 credits
PSC-0267Public Policy Analysis3 credits
PSC-0270Politics and the City3 credits
PSC-0275The American Presidency3 credits
PSC-0276Elections3 credits
One course in International or Comparative Politics, chosen from:
PSC-0281Introduction to Comparative Politics3 credits
PSC-0287International Security 3 credits
PSC-0288Model UN1 credit
PSC-0290International Relations 3 credits
PSC-0295American Foreign Policy3 credits
PSC-0315Topics in Comparative Politics3 credits
PSC-0360International Political Economy3 credits

Four elective courses 12 credits

Required Supporting Courses 6 to 8 credits
HIS-0200History of the U.S. to 18773 credits
HIS-0201History of the U.S. after 18773 credits

ECO-0100Introduction to Microeconomics3 credits
ECO-L100Microeconomics Problems and Applications1 credit
ECO-0101Introduction to Macroeconomics3 credits
ECO-L101Macroeconomics Problems and Applications1 credit


Students may be able to substitute courses that meet a particular need with prior approval of their mentor.

Recommended Supporting Courses
MAT-0115College Algebra3 credits
MAT-0120Calculus I3 credits
PHI-0230Introduction to Logic3 credits
PSY-0100Basic Psychology3 credits
SOC-0100Principles of Sociology3 credits
WRT-0170Advanced Composition and Oral Communication3 credits


The remaining credit hours are electives and can consist of Political Science courses, but should not be limited to that particular discipline.

Degree Offered

B.A., in Political Science