Course Descriptions

HUM-0352 Humanities Seminar – Methodology
Methodology for research in the humanities, including resources, research techniques, bibliography preparation, and format for formal papers. Analysis of the nature of the Humanities. Prerequisite: Junior Humanities major status. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

HUM-0360 Senior Research Seminar: Integrating the Humanities
Analysis and discussion of the meaning of the humanities from their origins to the present day. The relationships between various humanistic disciplines will be explored in the context of the liberal arts tradition. Students will evaluate their own major course of study as it relates to themes treated in this course. The course will also guide and direct students in selecting the topic and completing research for the senior thesis. Prerequisite: HUM-0352 and Senior Humanities major status. Offered every other year, spring semester. 3 credits.

HUM-0400 Independent Study
Content and prerequisites to be determined in consultation with appropriate faculty. 1 to 3 credits.

HUM-0480 Internship
A student pursues a particular work experience by agreement with a faculty member. Offered as needed. 1 to 3 credits.


Paul Mojzes
Professor, Religious Studies
Discipline Chair Religious Studies and Humanities